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   Chapter 20 In which she says her name

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 5557

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"You have to treat that." He muttered. His eyes roamed my body while he put me down on one of the benches outside the store." You look weak."

"I am not weak and I do not need your help! Do not ever call me weak!" I flared up. I was uncomfortable, tired and scared of him. He looked_ He looked really scary upclose, like_like a monster.

"That didn't look like it few minutes ago." he said calmly taking hold my bleeding hand.

He took of his sweater and tore it, getting a small piece of it, he tied it around the cut.

He was still putting on a long sleeve even under his sweater, I wondered if he didn't get hot.

"This is temporary just to stop the bleeding, you have to treat this today though." He said. I stared at his chest while he tied my arm.

He was hot! Now I saw why he always wore big sweaters. His muscles were in all the right places and the veins in his hands protruded through his shirt.

It dawned on me that maybe he was doing his best to look unattractive, and the reason why that was, I might never know.

He would be a freaking Demi god if he didn't have his face!

"let me go!" I shouted."Don't touch me."

I was angry at myself for looking at him the way I did and I was angry at him for looking the way he did.

"Why? Do I irritate you that much? Are you shallow too?" he asked.

I could feel the sadness in his question but I was only human and as humans we judge a book firstly by its cover.

"Just let go of me." I said calmly.

I would have said sorry to him for acting so strange and difficult_but there was a but that I couldn't figure out yet.

Maybe my subconscious was afraid of him so it was trying to push him away before he came any closer to it.

"Alright I'll let go of you but I'm not leaving you alone."

"What do you mean by that?" I asked looking into his eyes so I could tell if he was only bullshiting me.

His eyes_ something was off about it. It was brown but it felt like his real eyes were hidden underneath a contact lens either that or I was thinking too much about everything that pertained to him.

I guess I was still a bit shaky from everything_ definitely seeing things. Things that my inmost desires wanted to project to life.

He tensed up but he didn't answer. His gaze settled on my lips as we both sat down in silence

The police man who had been asking questions around_ finally came to where we were seated.

He was talking to someone on the phone when he walked in on us_ average height, thin, dark and sad looking, the typical police man look. I swear I almost burst out laughing at the thought of this.

"Saved by the cop." Scar joked.

I rolled my eyes at his silly comment but I still couldn't help myself from smiling just a little.

"Both of you have to fo

llow me to the station to make a statement." He ordered, when he was done speaking on the phone. He put his phone back into his pocket and stared at us.

I realized then that he was the only police man that came around_that was if you did not add the driver. I smiled. Nigeria My country.

"That should not be a problem. We will come with you." Scar said getting up. Then he faced me_ stretching his hands out. "Can you walk or should I carry you? I would feel better if I carried you though."

"I am not paralyzed the knife cut my hand not my leg." I replied.

I stood up, eyed him and walked past.

We practically squeezed ourselves into the police car. I was not surprised by this, in fact what surprised me was that the car was a little new. I expected it to be a randy old police truck.

I was squeezed in between both men.

The police officer smelt weird like sweat and urine just like the car. I made a mental note to bathe with enough detol if possible Hypo when I got home. Scar smelt so nice but I stopped myself from thinking of his smell or the warmth that emanated from his body.

When we reached the police station we were immediately ushered into the DPO 'S office.

It was the first time I was entering a police station and it was just like In the movies. Old and tiny.

The police men who sat at the reception table or whatever they called it wore a frown on their faces when they saw us come in, as if we were Criminals.

Later they will say police is your friend. I thought rolling my eyes

I greeted them and they answered grudgingly.

Both of them were probably of the same age_ maybe in their early forties, they both looked alike.

The only difference between them was that while one was short, the other was very tall. The rest features they had in common. Body built, chocolate complexion and the rest.

The police man who led us to the Dpo's office knocked twice on the door and we were asked to come in by a very tiny voice. I almost thought that the voice belonged to a woman but with the prevailing rate of patriarchy in Nigeria I knew that the possibility of having a female Dpo was very low.

And like I predicted the voice belonged to a man. I was amused and almost freaked out hearing a man have such a tiny voice.

The police man saluted the DPO and walked out, following the signal giving to him by hiss boss.

"Good morning miss." The DPO greeted. "Please take a sit."

"Good morning Sir." I replied stopping myself from rolling my eyes. His voice sounded so weird.

"So what is your name?" He asked watching me intently. His eyes stopped at my chest_but it was for a split second. I could have missed it if I was not watching him closely.

"Mariana" I replied smiling. "But you can call me Mira."

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