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   Chapter 18 In which she is saved

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 5960

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He was tall, really tall."I am tall for a girl"I always say, but he made me look like a dwarf. He was probably a little above six foot two or there about, I am really not good with heights.

His shoulders were wide and broad. He was very muscular like he had been gyming his whole life. His Adam apple moved in a sexy way every time he talked coupled with the fact that his voice was so sexy. He had those type of baritone voices that just had a way of turning you on.

His body was beyond perfect even though he was an albino and was as white as snow.

But amidst all this perfection he had one flaw_ His face.

People stayed away from him because?of this flaw_ it was a scar that covered his face, a scar that came to define him. People nicknamed him scar the very name which I call him now.

They were scared of him. To them he might have well been a hideous monster.

I was also scared of him so I didn't blame them for being afraid.

He was alone all the time and I felt Pity for him, but I had my own shit to deal with so I didn't try getting close to him even though he seemed to fancy me a great lot.

I was not and angel neither was I a good Samaritan.

His whole face was covered with a scar which made him look bad_ it was not like his face was distorted but it was just scary to look at. Like you know the "he might be an alien kind scary."

Rumors had it that he got burnt during a gang attack_a gang fight or whatever they called it. Others thought a girl poured acid on him for breaking her heart. The latter was more believable because with his perfect body it was quite inevitable for him not to have broken a lot of hearts when he was still handsome.

Some people however thought that he was born distorted_because he walked happily even with the scar on his face, Like he was used to the scar, almost like he wanted it.

Sometimes I wondered if he had ever seen his reflection in the mirror.

Don't ask what my opinion was on the matter. I go with all three rumors even though I felt like there was more to him than the rumours.

Those scars didn't look like what a burn could cause.

He stayed in a small caravan he turned to his house just opposite my compound and he has been there since the week I finished my last exam in secondary school. That was the same week I was supposed to visit my aunty before my mom changed her mind.

"Do not mess with me. Go your way and I'll forgive." Ken spat angrily, bringing me back to reality.

"Let her go now."Scar ordered with a smirk. Then he raised his hands up in a surrender "And I promise not to hurt you. I might actually Forgive you, you know."

"You!" Ken exclaimed laughing, "Who do you?think you are? Do you know who I am." He asked laughing hysterically.

I had to save myself now that they were engaging in a power tussle of some sort_now Ken was distracted, it was the perfect time to set myself free.

I turned around and kicked him in the groin with my right leg_

so as to add more?force to the kick. He staggered a little but he didn't?fall.

I did not give him the time to balance on his feet_ I immediately tried to run, but then he caught me by the arm.

He dug his fingers into my skin and shouted angrily. "You are going no where. You are mine don't try to fight it."

I didn't move, I knew that if I did his grip would hurt more.

When Scar saw how tight Ken's grip was on me he became furious. I could practically smell the anger radiating from him.

People were already gathered, mostly women and children. No one made a move to save me though. I didn't blame them they didn't understand what was happening.

To the ordinary eye I was with Ken and Scar was out of place. That was how he was discriminated because of his looks. I'm also guilty of the same, guilty as charged

"Let her go now!" He calmly said. I was surprised at how he seemed to remain calm?in all situations.

Maybe he took in deep breaths like I did but that doesn't even work for me_most times. Or maybe he was an expert in hiding his feelings.

"Or what?" Ken asked giggling. He was clearly underestimating the guy before him.

"I've had enough, You asked for it!" He growled. Before I could register what was happening_ in one swift movement he dragged me away from Ken pulling me to the side like I had no single weight.

The knife cut my upper arm during Ken's struggle to hold me back. I could feel the blood gushing out from the cut in quick succession. The cut was not that deep, but I had a lot of blood, too much for my little body.

I held my hand_applying pressure to it to stop the blood from flowing much.

I stopped myself from looking at the cut because it would make me start feeling nervous.

"You bastard!" Ken spat. He didn't complete his curse when scar kicked the knife from his hand.

Ken threw the first punch?but scar dodged it and quickly held on to?his hand. Scar did everything so fast that if you blinked you would miss it.

Scar held on to Kens right hand bringing it above his head. It was the same hand Ken tried to throw a punch with. " I warned you didn't I but like all others you didn't listen. So you too will pay for not listening." Ken stood still staring with his mouth?agape while scar smiled triumphantly.

I didn't know what Scar did next but then Ken screamed like he was on fire and I thought I heard a bone break.

Ken kept on screaming going limp, I almost laughed out loud, he looked like a kid that had been beaten thoroughly by an elder.

Just then the driver of the Camry came out and started shooting like a crazy person.

Shit! I forgot the car. There soon became a lot of noise and commotion as a result of the shooting. People started running here and there trying to protect their loved ones.

Scar left Ken just as quickly as he held him_he carried me to a store close by for cover. My shirt was almost soaked with blood. Like where did all this blood come from!

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