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   Chapter 17 In which she takes a step and fakes a smile

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 6041

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"Do not make any wrong move or I'll kill you and kill your entire family then myself. They have no one to protect them now. Your dad is not Even with you anymore." He chuckled. "Do not do anything stupid." He repeated harshly.

He knew just how to get me, and that's because I told him, I told the enemy my weakness I thought angrily. He must have been stalking me. The psychopath. He was obsessed always had been. Unfortunately for me I didn't realize this on time

I felt like a character in a horror movie_but I will not be a prey. I am not weak. I thought in firm resolve.

I took in deep breaths calming myself down. There was no need to get all worked up and angry_ I needed to think clearly and to think clearly I had to remain calm.

"You don't have to do this Ken, there are a lot of girls who would want to be with you. Just let me go please, I am not special. Go for anyone else." I said calmly.

I was doing great so far_ ok maybe not so great but at least I wasn't hyperventilating.

"A lot is nobody, I want you." he whispered into my ear. Did he think it will turn me on. Jesus Christ how revolting!

"I don't Care for you in that way and I need you to leave me alone now or else I will_"

"Shut up and move!" he ordered. He pushed me forward and I lost my balance_the key to the boutique and my bag fell down from my hands immediately causing me to fear for my self all the more.

I hoped that someone around would notice what was going on and help me before it became too late_Or better still that the police would come around even though they were 80% useless most times.

"You think reporting me to my aunty was going to do you any good. I have grown. I am no longer the 16 year old boy who could be flogged for wanting what he wanted and now I'll have you and my revenge f

f the road between me and Ken.

The Place was not too crowded yet, but now a considerable amount of people were coming out of their stores to see what was going.

Scars voice must have called to them.

I couldn't tell if or if not it was what he Intended when he called my name out loud. It was a smart move from him though.

Help people don't just stand there watching!

It was about time they noticed. I thought taking in deep breaths to calm my self.

"One more step and she's dead." Ken repeated, like him repeating it would send the right amount of fear to me and to Scar.

"Really?" he asked with a smile. That was the first time I heard him say something other than my name. His voice sent my Heart thumping. "Really?" he repeated.

He looked both scary?and dangerous.

Ken did not reply.

Scar took two more?steps to us, his eyes dared Ken to try and hurt me if he could.

I felt dizzy all of a sudden. They were playing?power tussle with?my life.

I didn't know?why I trusted?Scar to save me_Him?who?I have been?avoiding for weeks now.

But in this situation I had to choose between the devil and his demon.

And I think demon's are less dangerous don't you think so.

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