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   Chapter 15 In which she vows to protect her family

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 9996

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"How do you know peter and why are you talking to him?" She asked immediately we stepped outside the church.

I laughed. "He was my classmate"

"Ohh." Her face brightened up immediately. She wanted to say something else but I patted her shoulder and walked back in.

I talked a little bit more with Peter when I walked back into the church. He told me a lot about his school which included him complaining of how he wasn't eating well because they weren't feeding him well in school and how he was kept away from girls since he attended a seminary boarding school.

I did tell him about my school life too consciously omitting all my adventurous stubbornness which included going to school late and climbing the fence to prevent me from being flogged if I was caught.

Although, I suspected that Peter no matter how much I liked him was not going to be part of my story. In my heart I feared that my love story would be one filled with danger and craziness.

Peter waved me bye, when we got to the gate of my compound. He had offered to walk me home and I agreed.

I smiled and waved back at him before I entered into the compound feeling a little bit happy for once this week.

When I got upstairs I pushed the door open and like I suspected it wasn't locked. My brother must have seen me coming and opened the door for me.

I didn't even close the door before my dad started his drama.

"Where are you coming from by this time of the night?" He asked angrily


"Yeah, church my foot. By this time right" he spat.

"This is holy week, there were a lot programs today." I answered shivering a little, I was cold and scared. He scared me but I always acted brave in front of him. I won't give him the pleasure of seeing me scared. I needed to be brave for my family. He was our mutual enemy.

"You!"... I had no idea what he wanted to say and I knew whatever it was would not be good. He never says anything good to me.

"Mira come in." I heard my mum say. That was all I needed to leave. She was always there to help me I thought smiling, although this wasn't enough. I wanted a permanent end to his bullying. I was so tired of being scared of him_my own father.

I quickly went to the room to change by wet clothes. Something felt wrong like someone was following me, watching me. I looked out the window and saw nothing, no life just darkness.

I exhaled narrowing my eyes. Something just didn't feel right about this night.

I heard shouting come from the parlour

It's happening again I thought as I heard my mum shout my name. I ran to the parlour to see my dad looking at my mum Like he was going to kill her.

He would have to kill me first. Maybe he was the monster in my nightmares, the one who tries to kill me and actually does.

I ran out of my room the smile on my face quickly faded. Standing by the door I saw my dad looking at my mother with so much rage, my brothers were by his side trying to hold him down_they willed to stop hi

t's exactly how I felt, and he keeps giving me reasons to hate him even more. I doubted strongly if I would ever learn to see him as a father and not a monster.

"Well I do hate him, and I don't think I can stand him mistreating you again, if you won't do something about it then I would" I said as a matter of fact.

"What will you do Mira, " she said with a frown on her face. "Life's not a game, a woman should be submissive"

"Submissive to the devil?? I asked. "No I don't think so and enough with that sick African mentality. A woman is not a subject to a man but his equal. Not to be stepped on but to be cherished."

"You would not speak of your father like that." She shouted looking at me angrily I had to stand up letting go of her hands.

Her shouting didn't scare Me I was used to her defending him although it still hurt nevertheless. I jus hate that she gets angry at me who is only trying to protect her.

Just then my brothers came into the room and hugged me.

"I wanted to save you" Daniel said. "He hit me, he hit us on our head like this." Daniel said raising his hand to demonstrate a knock for me.

"He's a monster" David murmured shivering " I'm scared of him"

"That's enough!" my mother shouted.

I was not going to listen to her defend him this time I've had it.

"No mum that's not enough, on the contrary we have had enough. One day you would have to choose between him and us. And I wonder who you would choose." It hurt me to say this out_especially to her but it had to be said

"Of course I would choose you my children, you all are what I love most." she sobered standing up to hug us. "Everything will be OK he will change he is just being deceived by another woman. I'm sure of it only another woman can make him act like this. He will return to us."

I didn't say anything else, I've heard the same story over and over again I can say I know it by heart already and it still hurts. Only this time I was ready to fight for my family.

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