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   Chapter 14 In which she loses her sanity

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 6200

Updated: 2019-06-15 21:10

I blocked all feelings from that day up until this day after five years had passed. "I felt nothing" I kept on telling myself. Only the weak feel, to hell with me if I embrace weakness a second time. I still won't forget when a guy I did admire in school then asked me out and I bluntly told him I didn't believe in love or anything like it.

I even tried convincing him that love did not exist. He looked at me like I was insane. Then I was in SS3. I felt pity for him, he fell in love with a heartless Human. When he didn't want to listen to the obvious sense I was trying to make I walked out on him_ while whispering something along the lines of I'm sorry, forgive me.

It was not Like I cared if he forgave me or not though. Maybe I did_a tiny little care. It hurt me though saying that to him, watching him get hurt.

He was the head boy and girls wanted him so much. I would have had the perfect highschool love story had I not been heartless.

I didn't really pay attention to the activities going on in the school so I could only guess that a lot of girls were after him. Of course they were so Why then did he want me_was he blind? I asked my self getting irritated. Yes he was.

I was irritated because someone loved me. How weird.

He wasn't the only guy that tried though but he was the only one I paid attention to only to chicken out just at the time I should have embraced him, maybe I did lead him on.

I was a Coward yes I know but I would rather be a Coward than lie to myself that love exists only to get hurt in the end_ all I wanted was to believe that love did not exist. That's the only truth I wanted to accept although it became harder to believe it as every day came to an end with me only existing but not living.

I reminded myself over again that if my father didn't love me how much more another boy who wasn't m

ursed myself for doing it.

Lord have mercy what is wrong with me did I just try seducing him in the Church, I always knew I had slutty tendencies. I thought, I almost laughed out loud at the thought.

That's it I have officially lost all sanity. I feared that I had become mad.

Just then a girl I knew in church came to my sit and I guessed she wanted to talk to me about something I didn't care about.

I wont call her my friend even though we say hi to each other when we see in church.

I was very picky when it came to friendship and she wasn't someone I would like to call a friend.

She said hi to Peter and he ignored her. Normally that would make me mad but strangely it amused me. Was I bipolar? I think we all are bipolar.

"Can we talk outside?" She asked smiling.

'OK" I replied. I was curious to know what she wanted to say. They say Curiosity kills the cat, I hope it doesn't kill me though. "Excuse me Peter, I'm coming now." I muttered, standing up.

He didn't say anything and I could tell he was pissed at something but I didn't know why. I would ask him though, if I can, just not now. For now I needed to hear what she had to say that was so important that she couldn't wait until mass was over.

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