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   Chapter 13 In which she makes a resolve

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 8309

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The next day Aunt Lisa woke me up early. It was unusual for her to wake me up, she usually lets me wake up myself. Well guess what my mum was in the parlour looking worried and on the verge of tears.

Oh lord this is definitely not what I need now! I almost said out loud.

But well it was what I got.

I never get what I need or what I want causing me to drift to a world of my own;? and believe me when I tell you that even in that world which is of my own creation I still do not get what I want.

"Good morning mum" I said hugging her gently.

"I told her what happened, but she wants to hear it from you." My Aunt informed me frowning.

I told my mum everything I told my aunt, the same thing actually. She kept shaking while I spoke and it made me feel really bad about it all like I was the cause of her sadness not Ken.

This was exactly what I hated_ sorry to say, but to me my mum was really weak, always overpowered by her emotions. I understand when you have children you want to protect them, but seriously sometimes we need our parents to be stronger than us or to at least act it. Not looking weak causing panic and fear. Seriously.

"Are you sure that's all that happened." she said looking at me tearfully.

"Yes" I said half screaming? I was sick of this issue it didn't help that they kept reminding me of my pain. More so when I've almost suppressed the memory.

"You said Anita asked you to sleep with the boys." My mum pointed out. How smart of her. I face palmed myself when I discovered I was smiling, why the hell was I smiling, she won't take the issue up. She will just do whatever Lisa said because she is rich. I know she does it to help us. Licking the feet of others just to get help because unfortunately for me and us my dad is well not too useful.

I hate it but what can a girl do. A girl is but a girl.

"Lisa is this true" my mum asked looking at her pleadingly, like she was begging for the truth instead of asking for it.

"No its not but that's not the issue, she needs to see the doctor" she quickly added.

"That's not the issue" I whispered but they didn't hear me. What then is the issue. You want to act as my savior taking me to a damn doctor. Bitch! I can't believe I respected you. I was so angry that I lost touch of what they were saying. And I knew my mum would ignore what she just found out and instead do the bidding of the devil sited next to me. Not only was she a devil but a pretentious one. Two vices how b

it is unrealistic.

The vacation was cut short and I returned home. To my town and to my friends. We stayed in Warri, in a street named denyefa. I heard it was named after an ijaw wealthy man. We lived in a flat, a 2 room apartment with four neighbors including the landlord. We shared same step with one very annoying neighbour. I must say we've been avoiding quarrelling with them, for the sake of peace. But they were the worst neighbors ever. No need to go into details.

My mum apparently told my dad everything that happened over the phone. When he saw me he looked at me with disgust and said something that killed me over again.

"You belong to the world and that is why things of the world happen to you " he hissed. He wasn't sorry for what happened to me at all. All I got from him was nothing just hatred towards me. What did I ever do to him. I winced at the pain I felt in my chest. My dad was not the best of dads i knew that already but what he said was completely unacceptable and I will never forgive him for it. He heard no compassion for his own child. He was despicable.

I heard my mum say something like Don't say that. But I was too far gone to make out anything that was said_ I entered the room and slept, but I didn't cry.

Never will I cry again I told myself. Only living people cry and I was not living_I was only existing. The only thing that kept Me Alive was my taste for vengeance.

Also there was the hope that one day I Would fall in love and meet the one who would complete me. Who I could go on adventures with. You see hope was the only thing that kept Me going.

A girl must live for something after all.

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