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   Chapter 12 In which she promises vengeance

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 7596

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I walked into Bella's room and she followed behind me without me noticing, so much for wishing to be alone.

Both my brothers were busy playing outside, they were too young to understand what was going on. Daniel was seven and David?six. It took my parents close to five years to decide if they wanted to have another child after me because of the financial responsibilities that came with having a child.

Though they were both educated they didn't have a stable job yet. We did have a roof over our head? and we ate three square meals unlike most people who couldn't even eat once.

I was satisfied, but they weren't. Everyone wants more, the more you get the more you want. I loved my parents. Let me say my parent, my mum, she's the reason I do most things. Sadly when I think about family I usually do not count my dad as part of it.

"He used to touch me too, I didn't understand. What does it mean?" Bella blurted out.

She was just six how dare him do that to her. He's a monster I thought angrily I could deal with my own pain but I hated having to deal with that of others.

I had so many questions now like. Did he rape her? did he take away the dignity of this little angel? I was scared for her because unlike me, she was something and she was so little and fragile.

"Are you sure? I mean how. I don't."? I stuttered. My heart raced. I felt like a hand clutched my heart. I was panicking, right now that was the only thing I could do_panic.

"Yes, any time there was no one at home, he will touch me" her voice was low, but not pained. She was too little to understand what he was doing to her. " You do believe me right? is it bad? I don't understand tell me. He says he loves me."

She asked confused. It took me the grace of God to stop myself from crying.

She had so many unanswered questions, something we both had in common. I couldn't give her any answers though. Yet, one thing was for sure I was definitely telling aunty Lisa this, so she knows that she has been harbouring a criminal, a disguised wolf in sheep clothing.

I wasn't even considering what will be done to him_ I didn't care. He sure as hell deserved anything coming to him_and maybe if I told Aunt Lisa that her daughter was also a victim of his animosity she would t

ake fruits in a bowl for decoration. My legs didn't touch the ground because the chair was a little too big for me.

I was still trying to adjust to my sit when I heard David speak. I immediately stopped moving, everyone remained still just like I did.

"What happened in the morning?" David asked me innocently. He thought he whispered and no one heard him but it was no whisper. Kids. I almost laughed loud.

"I don't know, ken was being a bad boy I guess. He's here you can ask him"? I replied quietly. I knew ken heard me because he was sitting opposite me, I was sitting in the middle of both David and Bella. Daniel sat close to ken.

My aunty was at the far end, she looked distracted and angry. I guess it is time I stopped calling her aunty i thought angrily she is only a childhood friend of my mum and classmate_she was no aunty of mine.

Funny enough, my real aunts were weigh more heartless than she was_ just like my father. So I didn't even know which was worse.

"Was he? David asked me laughing.

"What's funny." my Aunty asked obviously irritated by our laughter.

"Nothing really" I quickly said. I picked my fork and started eating slowly. The pancake was good but I was too hurt to actually enjoy it.

After a long eventful day, and by eventful I mean me avoiding everyone including my Brothers. I felt a little better. That night I held on to Bella like she was my guardian Angel, more like we clung to each other. I eventually slept and luckily I didn't have any nightmares.

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