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   Chapter 10 Part 2. In which she wakes up on the wrong bed.

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 6109

Updated: 2019-06-15 20:02

He said your will is yours and no force on earth and none in hell can take away your will. I do not want my will to be mine I want someone to take it from me. I want someone to lead me while I follow because my thoughts seem to be always wrong and my will though mine still isn't mine so why force it to be mine when It is obvious it doesn't want to be.

Whatever I do seems to be wrong, almost all choices I make turn out wrong, now I'm used to it.

You often hear the word broken Don't you? but have you ever felt it so explicitly that you can be used in defining it, in describing it.

When it so happens that every time you try to get fixed you are broken, over and over and over again, that it has become part of you. That you cannot live without the feeling of emptiness, because it has become the only feeling you can comprehend. I sound like a poet right but that's how I felt as I lay down on the bed frozen. My body was there but my mind was not. It wanders too far away sometimes that it leaves my body at risk.

Coming back to reality? I understood what my body was clamouring to tell me.

Did he just fucking try to rape me? He tried to, what the fuck? That's the only question that kept playing in my mind but still I did nothing.

I was young and naive and I was tired, so I laid back down knowing fully well he was there with me. That was a careless decision I know, but I'm not known to make the right choices; and I always pride myself with the feeling that I could defend myself. A feeling not too true, but what can a girl do but trust herself.

He climbed the bed again but I didn't move. I knew he was there, I felt his presence but I didn't move. I dont know If he thought that was a sign that I was asleep, or a sign that I wanted him to touch me. Who knows what goes through the mind of a rapis

n hour of silence I looked down to see that he had fallen asleep. He should never play this sort of game with me. Did I skip the part where I actually slept on the bed but woke up on the rug because I kept feeling like someone was touching me. I am a very very light sleeper so I'm still wondering how he got to carry me down from the bed without me waking up, except If I was drugged.

When he saw that I stirred he quickly pretended to be sleeping. Not thinking much of it I left the floor up to the bed to stay close to my brother. Leave the fight for another day.

I was almost going back to sleep on the bed when I felt him trying to touch me again. No shame

How dare him!! How dare him even think of it!!

Since I couldn't sleep I started putting the pieces of the puzzle together, it wasn't much of a puzzle though since it was actually very easy to put together.

He wasn't smart enough more like they weren't smart enough. He planned this with his sister, I knew it in by bones. He didn't give me anything that I could eat only his sister could have drugged me. I was a very light sleeper so there was no way he could have touched me without me waking up, except I was drugged. They had drugged me.

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