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   Chapter 9 In which she is enveloped by blackness

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 8950

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I climbed downstairs_ my mouth watering from the aroma of the food prepared. The dining table was just behind the stairs. I didn't need to look for it_ I simply followed the scent of the food whilst closing my eyes.

When I got to the dining he was already there_ he was sipping coffee from a very small cup with his eyes shut tightly.

I swallowed_ignoring the sudden flutter in my chest I walked to the dining.

"Good morning." He said looking up at me, his nose still buried in the teacup. I nodded unable to form any words.

I walked straight to the other end of the table and sat down there. I wanted to be as far away from him as it was possible.

The diner had twelve seats. We were the only ones seated now. I've counted six armed down men in total but there were no security cameras in sight.

I presumed that the security cameras were kept hidden to deceive people that they weren't there. But I could not let them deceive me too.

There was no way in hell that there wasn't a security camera lurking around somewhere. I knew this to be true even if I had no proof of it's truth.

We ate in silence as I devoured the delicacies in front of me. If he didn't want to talk to me then I didn't want to either. Thankfully the food served as a good distraction for me.

"I heard gangs don't use security camera's." I blurted out. He looked up at me and I pressed my lips together. Our eyes met and tension started to flow to my heart I tore my eyes away from him and watched my food.

WHY THE HELL DID I JUST SAY THAT! i thought to myself fighting the urge to face palm at my stupidity.

He chuckled. "Mira. You don't want to dare me again now do you?"

I looked up at him to see that although he looked and sounded amused he was in fact not in any way amused by what I said.

I shook my head in response.

"Good girl. Do not test me again or I would punish you so bad." He said as a matter of fact. He looked away from me and then poured himself another cup of coffee.

My heart was beating so fast now that I felt that I was so close to having a panic attack. I started to breathe from my mouth doing my best to keep him unaware of my beating heart. I took a sip of coffee and all but choked. I coughed severely my eyes watering.

He ran to my side when I wont stop coughing. Then he patted my back, up_ down with mild force until I stopped choking. "Thank you."

He didn't reply. He simply watched me intensely. "Breathe Mariana." He ordered and I did. I breathed through my mouth and exhaled through my nose.

"Come with me Mira." He said pulling me up from my sit. I stood still hearing him call me Mira like that felt strange. I could hea

n. What if there were still some men outside.

He had clearly warned me not to mess with him again_so what if he had planned all this just to know if I had taken hid of his warning.

I was scared, there were so many unanswered questions_and what if's in my head but I had already jumped and no one jumps from a window and looks back. Anyone who does so is not fit to escape.

I started to run away from the garden. There were two of his men lying dead on the ground_ in a pool of their own blood.

I felt bad for them but at least it assured me that this was not all a plan of his_Because if white lion had planned this then I was so dead.

The gate was now in sight but it was high and closed. Although this didn't stop me from moving towards it, neither did it instill fear in me.

I lived off of adventures? during highschool and this would be one of the many gates I climbed because I was definitely going to climb it.

The gate reminded me of the fences I climbed in highschool it didn't scare me one bit. In fact_ whenever I came late to school and I wanted to invade punishment I climbed the fence and went straight to class so no teacher would see me coming since they were usually standing at the gate. This whenever was every time.

The gate was high but not as high as expected. It took me five minutes to climb down to the other side. Five minutes of fear, hope and a persistent feeling of being so close to death.

There was a forest just opposite the gate where I could run into.

The adrenaline I was feeling became so much. I became distracted, tired and anxious_ so anxious was I to escape that I didn't bother to look left or right before I crossed the road and this was my biggest mistake.

A car headlight was all I saw before all became black.

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