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   Chapter 8 In which it all becomes black

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 3738

Updated: 2019-06-15 17:09

I dreamt that I was in heaven and the angels had prepared a banquet for me. The smell of all types of food teased my nose and I was left to salivate and hunger.

Soon enough the angels took pity on me and dished out a plate of salad for me to at least feed my taste buds and hungry eyes while we waited for the king. But just as I was about to feed on the most tasty salad I had ever seen. A hand pulled me out of the room and back to reality. My eyes fluttered open and I could not be more angry at this.

"Good morning MA." A woman greeted Bowing curtly. She looked to be in her mid fifties probably. Her eyes were tiny, her hair neatly packed behind her head. She was clad in skirt and suit too well dressed for a housekeeper I must say.

I nodded not able to Speak. I had lost my voice and wanted eagerly to leave this place and away from that man who made me feel things I had never felt before. Things I wasn't supposed to feel.

She snapped her fingers and immediately two Young girls came in. They were both dressed like her, only that their complexion was much darker than hers and their eyes twinkled

nd gotten the dress this morning.

I don't know_ gangs had a way of achieving things that an ordinary person or organization would find extremely difficult or impossible to achieve

I packed my hair Back and swallowed hating the reflection of myself in the mirror. I looked different from Mira.

Opening the door there were two armed body guards standing in front. I closed the door and muttered something under my breathe. Taking note.

If ever I am to escape it definitely should not be through the door. If I should ever try to escape through the door I was sure that I won't live to tell the story.

They didn't look like they liked me at all. They must all have been wondering why the boss fancied me so much that he made me his.

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