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   Chapter 7 In which he tells her who she belongs to

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 9046

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My whole body felt like it wasn't mine. My legs were shaking as I picked up the gun. Then I walked back to him knowing my fight today was over and there was no way I could be able to escape now. Still I had to try_no giving up until it was all over.

"Let me go or kill me." I spat. I didn't see my face but I knew I looked damn angry so why the hell did he and his men laugh at this.

"I told you all she was different. Fit for the crown. I told you all. My brave Reina" He laughed facing his men. Some nodded while some looked at me angrily. Maybe they were thinking that I was going to take their place.

The only thing going through my mind in that moment was was_ WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK_if they hate me so much as they did_as their eyes let me think_ then why do they not just let me go. How hard could that be? Well It would cost them their lives. I had watched first hand how white lion took care of anyone who touches me in anyway he didn't like or approve of.

And by take care, I mean killing them.

"You are one hell of a brave bitch." He said facing me.

He walked closer to me till he was few inches away. "The gun now." He ordered.

I placed the gun on his hands and let him take me into the SUV. I sat quiet my head resting back all through the ride. When we got to his room he pushed me into the bathroom.

He definitely was bipolar. One minute he was all smiling the next he becomes aggreived and vexed.

"Take of your clothes." He ordered angrily.

I didn't argue with him after all he had already seen me naked. I took of the shirt he gave to me earlier_ gently. He carried me to the tub and washed me all over again. Cleaning my lips continuously. Then he gave me a brush. "You can do that yourself." He said walking out.

I brushed my teeth for over thirty minutes which was the longest time any human has ever brushed their teeth, I suppose. The mint swelled my tongue and it stung but that didn't matter to me. I rinsed my mouth after about ten more minutes then I came out knowing I could definitely not hide in the bathroom forever.

"Do you want dinner in bed or on the dining?" White lion asked immediately I came out. My heart flew out of my chest and my hands flew to wherever I thought my heart was. Holding it. I was breathing heavily now convinced that if white lion didn't kill me with his gun then I would die of a heart attack either ways.

"I don't want to eat." I breathed out annoyed.

He looked at me trying to keep his face as blank as possible.

"I wonder what is going through your mind?"

"First of all what the hell is wrong with you!s so you kill all the people who touch me or is it just a habit of yours_ Killing people_ your own men? A

me to the bed. It didn't take him more than a few seconds to get naked. He was white all over except from some few scars and his body was just to die for. Never had I seen someone as beautiful as he was. Sometimes he didn't even look human. Like now.

His dick was just as white except from the tip and the balls. I closed my eyes in shame when I realized I was staring at him and loving what I saw.

He climbed the bed his hands supporting him as he stared at me below him. "Have you done this before?" He asked.

He looked like he wanted me and expected me to say yes so he could go on without a care in the world but I nodded slowly. "No."

He looked shocked at first then his face went blank. He wanted to stand but I reached for his hands before he could. "But I want to now." I dared say. I was damning all morals all restrictions. I wanted this_ I wanted him and that was in every honesty.

At that moment the only thing that I wanted was him inside of me, moving, stilling, kissing and sucking.

My core was in need and my brain had gone for an early vacation leaving me to the mercy of my throbbing core that knew not, nor cared not what it meant to be morally upright.

We laid still for a moment, our harsh breathing the only noise that could be heard in the stillness of the room.

A tensed hungry Silence. A silence I yearned to fill with my moans.

"You should sleep." He said breaking the silence. He stood up from the bed, then he put on his clothes with almost the same pace he used in taking them off_very fast.

He left the room without saying another word or even sparing me a glance_ leaving me behind to hunger for him.

I craved for him and hated that I did. But then he had taken control of my mind and there was nothing I could do but give in to his control.

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