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   Chapter 6 In which she tries to run

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 6652

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I stood up quietly making sure that when my feet touches the ground it wouldn't make a sound.

I tiptoed to the window it was open and we were on the first floor. The house was bigger in width than in height. I guessed because it wasn't possible that a room like the one I was in now would be in a small house.

They were armed men at each stations around the garden and although I knew it was best to wait and come up with an escape plan but I was anxious to leave immediately. Too anxious.

Some things are better achieved when we don't plan for them. Like escaping from the clutches of a murderer.

I looked round the room not knowing what I was searching for until it dawned on me that I had to find a weapon If there was one.

Then again it would be impossible for there to be no weapon in the room of a gang leader and killer, it should be one of the eighth wonder of the world.

I closed my eyes and thought about all the Mafia and gang movies I have watched. Where do they hide their guns I asked myself thinking slowly.

My eyes fluttered open gently, my heart beating gently also. I made my self to believe that this was all a dream and I'll wake up when I got out.

I rushed to the drawer besides the bed and pulled it open like it was revealed to me in some trance_there it was_yes_a gun. I took it out immediately and checked if it was loaded. It was, perfect.

My ex best friend had taught me how to use a gun. He was the sun of a soldier a general in fact and he did love his father's job and hoped to have it one day.

Sadly for me, his father was promoted so many years back and they all had to leave the country. I never did forget how to check a gun, it fascinated me and I hardly forget anything that I fancied. It was at this point that I found myself missing him again.

I heard water run in the bathroom and I knew it was time to leave. I ran to the window and inspected my fall. "Lord help me. I know I don't pray much but please help me I am praying now." I murmured pressing my palms together.

I put my legs over the window and then brought it back. My heart was beating so fast I almost fainted. Then I heard the door to the bathroom open and I knew I had no time to entertain fear.

"Alright Marianna you can do this. One. Two. Three." I counted. On the third count I jumped down hitting the ground with a loud thump, luckily I fell on grass so it didn't hurt my leg much_ although I almost sprained my ankle.

I held the gun tight moving slowly round the house. I was in a garden and there were three men standing at different points heavily armed I presumed. When I took one step, one came to my direction and I almost passed out but I was lucky enough to hide behind the wall.

I was about taking another step when I heard my name. "Mariana!" White lion called. I stopped in my tracks and almost pied on myself. "Mira I know you are down there. Show yourself don't let me find you."

I stopped. My heart beat racing. Then I started to run like my life depended on it_because it did. I ran to the right because there was no one there when I started running. Few of his men who had heard him call me ran after me.

"Stop or we will shoot " I kept hearing but I didn't stop because something told me that they were not going to do that. So I ran.

The garden se

emed to be unending and just when I had a glimpse of the gate still far away I ran into another one of his men. The finest I have seen so far. The rest were still far behind me so it was possible to escape if only I could overpower this one or so I thought.

I was breathing heavily both of us staring at each other. While I thought about how best to escape his sight he looked at me like I was some sort of specimen.

"You can't escape." He spat. "Just turn around."

My breathing increased and then I remembered I had a gun. I pointed it to his face, "of course I can. Move away." I spat fiercely.

He laughed out loud at the gun pointed at his face. A mocking laughter that infuriated me so bad. "Do you even know what that is."

My nose lifted up involuntary, in anger. I shot a flower close to his feet and he looked shocked as hell jumping two inches backwards. I was shocked too but I didn't show it. "You have no idea what I know and what I don't. Move away now!" I ordered.

He raised his hands and moved to the side still laughing. Immediately he did I started running for the gate again. "You can't run away bitch. I'll find you." He shouted. I didn't respond I simply ran as fast as I could only now he was following me and closer than everyone else.

I was able to leave the garden before he launched at me from behind pushing me down with a force that left me feeling so dizzy and weak. My hands flew to my head immediately and my legs felt dead.

"I said you can't escape." He said holding me down. He was lying on top of me his weight crippling me and rendering me boneless. He held my hands above my head and kicked my gun far away.

"Let me go." I shouted immediately my lips could open again. "Let me go you beast."

"Fierce no wonder boss likes you. He never brings a Bitch home." He laughed licking his lips. "You are indeed a hot bitch. Hotter than the rest_fiercer than the rest exactly what I like." He continued. He bent his head downwards and tried to kiss me. I turned my head sideways struggling under his grip.

Then with all the strength I could muster I kicked his balls and jumped up while he limped. I rushed for the gun but he caught my legs halfway and threw me down. This time he looked more furious and ready to kill.

"You bitch." He growled. He slapped me and held my necks choking me.

"Please stop."

"Shut the fuck up Slut."

"Stopppp." I choked out.

He hit me again.

He looked at me hungrily and with his right hands he fondled with my breast. I felt nauseated and irritated so much I spat on his face. "You bitch." He growled angrier wiping the spit off his face.

I closed my eyes waiting for the third hit when I heard a gunshot. My eyes flew open immediately, I had to check if I?was the one shot. But I wasn't. The guy on me was shot in the head. He fell down on me his head on my neck breathing his last.

"You bitch." Was the last thing he whispered. I pushed his body away from mine and got up. White Lion was there with a gun in Hand, five SUVs were packed by him_ with over 12 men behind him.

I breathed in but the breath could not settle down to get to my lungs. That was how scared I was.

I rushed to take my gun and one of his men tried to stop me but white lion ordered him to let me be. He was angry and I was afraid.

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