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   Chapter 5 White lion

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 7140

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White lion's POV

Recruiting girls has never been my style but my men were hungry and thirsty for them. Business has been going on well and I had to thank them for it In someway. After all they were part of my success and my name. So I called a meeting for this effect.

I was seated on my chair checking out the maps, searching for routes that could make for more easy business. Suddenly, there was a knock on my door, my face crunched in displeasure I hated being interrupted when I was planning strategic sightings for business. It made me confused and in general disrupted my flow. I don't like it when my flow is disrupted.

''Come in.'' I grunted. I put away the maps and documents. They were for my eyes only. I could give out any thing but not trust, not after my brother betrayed me.

The guys came in, five of them. They were members of? my inner circle, I consulted them before I made any decision. Their opinion was important to me although I have the final say and I could go against whatever they wanted. I was the boss through and through. The alpha.

''Boss.'' Marcus saluted. They all stood in a line armed to the teeth while they waited patiently for my order. ''Do we have the go ahead boss."

I threw my hair back my throat bubbling, I was really amused by their eagerness. Men will always be men. "Yes of course Marcus. Just do a good job and leave no trace."

I wasn't the least interested in the girls. I had work to do and Sophia was still a threat I needed to get rid off.

The plan was for two men, two new recruits to take the girls and three to follow behind just in case the girls managed to escape. It was like a test for the new recruits. If they failed they died. They each knew this_they knew the consequences of failing was death so hopefully they would do the job well. Failure was not tolerated in this gang.

However I was informed that they both failed_that they were overpowered by girls. How sad and unfortunate was this.

Sadly, I had expected their failure and planned out for it. While hoping for success it is always necessary to plan for failure.

My phone rang "Boss they are here." Marcus said on the first ring. He was my right hand man. I had no interest In the matter so I did shiver. I was doing this only because I wanted to give them the satisfaction they needed as my men.

Women were of less importance to me. I couldn't let anyone close not when they could betray me and end everything that I have worked so hard to build.

When I got to the base the warehouse was empty at first. I nodded to my men who were stationed in different positions for security.

"Move." I heard Marcus order. I knew they were here. Three of them walked in pointing their guns on the head of the three women who walked in front of them.

One of the women immediately caught my eye. She was defiant. While the rest walked she struggled. I heard that she was the one who initiated the escape. Brave, I see.

The polythene bag that covered her face was soon removed. Her hands were bound and held by Simone who seemed to be rather enjoying himself. I immediately felt a pang of hurt in my chest. I was getting really jealous. I didn't want anyone else to touch her but me. I couldn't tell why but I was suddenly possessive of the young girl now standing before me.

"Let us go please." One of the girls pleaded bringing my mind back to issue at hand and away from the beauty who had stolen my heart with a glance.

"She seems like the rebellious one boss. Fucking Slut thinks she's a fighter." Benji spat

slapping her ass. I flinched. There was suddenly an internal growl in me and I almost whimpered. I wanted to break his skull all of a sudden but he was family. I was willing to forgive this but I knew that there was a limit to what I could forgive.

She struggled to remove her arms from his firm grip and I found myself wanting to help her. "Let me go__ asshole." She shouted. I stared at her, my throat dry. She must be a witch because she was charming me with some kind of voodoo. I was enchanted by her and there was no other logical explanation for this other than that she had charmed me.

I moved close to her, with each step I took I felt more Inclined to her charm. Standing a few inches away from her my heart beat stopped.

All I wanted to do at that moment was to kiss her, it wasn't love at first sight I knew that. It was more like passion, I craved her skin and wanted her so bad. It was passion, fire blazing desire to have her in my arms. I held her chin up and smiled. "She was mine now."

"I like her spirit. It is always fun breaking her likes." I laughed. The guys must not know about my feelings for her, they must think that this was all a game_for her sake and mine.

"You are mine." I said to her, my voice as commanding as usual. She started to shake tears falling down her? beautiful face. I felt guilty for making her fear but it was all to protect her.

"Boss you should leave her to us." Benji teased "We will teach her lessons. Simone don't you agree?" He questioned Simone winking at him.

I tried hard not to strangle Benji, it was very hard but because her gaze was on me as well as mine on her I felt a little at peace and my anger died down a little.

I was still distracted until Simone laughed and grabbed her boobs. "Of course boss I agree."

I lost it then. My hands mechanically flew to my pocket. My gun was well positioned like it was just waiting for me to use it. And I did.

"Jesus Christ what the fucking blood of Christ." She shouted as the man fell down besides her. I must have really shocked her but I felt no regret.

"When something is mine it shouldn't be touched."

Benji fell to the ground immediately expecting to face the same fate. "Boss please forgive. I swear I'll never ever say anything again I promise." He begged holding unto my feet. I wanted to kill him too for looking at my woman lustfully. But I had to think of the consequences of my actions first.

Killing him would send a bad message to everyone and not only that it would definitely put my love in danger as the gangs would want to avenge the death of their brother. Since the cant go after me they would want to go after her and that is what I had to avoid by all means.

"Benji I'll let you go today. We all die but you won't today at least not by my gun. Clean this mess and make sure those two failures have no other Chance to fail." I said to him. He still looked petrified knowing deep down that I was not just going to let this go like that.

"I'll do that boss. Thanks for sparing my life boss." He laughed nervously as he stood up.

I nodded patting him on the shoulders before I hit him on the head. I looked up and her eyes widen. She must have really no good opinion about me. And that hurt, for the first time I wandered if I could ever be loved after all my mistakes and secrets. The answer to this hit me with all frankness.

No one could ever love a monster and If I wanted to get her to love me_which I did with all of my heart, then I have to become an angel. I have to become her angel.

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