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   Chapter 4 In which he calls her perfect

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 7489

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I prayed fervently that he would not notice me looking around in search for an escape route.

I was hellbent on pretending to be naive and fragile if that could gain me the opportunity I needed to let myself out of the lions den. Literally.

"Marianna" I murmured. I cleared my throat afterwards because my voice came out very hoarse It was almost inaudible.

My throat was sore from shouting much and I was feeling dizzy from all the tears I cried. I hoped that it was all a dream and I would wake up to find that I am in my aunties house lying peacefully on my own bed.

He nodded. "Mira then. I'll call you Mira." He said. His face was contorted as he spoke and his brows were raised like he was seeing something very alluring to him. Our eyes were still fixated when he lifted me up from the bed and carried me to the bathroom.

The room was beautiful although I barely had more than a glimpse of it and the bathroom had the same beauty. I had to praise the architectural design of the house.

I was putting on a short gown with buttons from top to bottom. He pressed me to the wall and I didn't try to push him away. It would have been futile anyway there was no way I would have been able to fight him off so I watched him hoping he wouldn't do what I was thinking he wanted to.

But my hope was quashed like all I had hoped for today which turned out to end merely as just false hope_ He tilted my chin and kissed me. I froze. His lips moved from my lips to my chin then my bottom lips which he suckled.

I could feel the wetness in my pants, I felt fuzzy like I would faint. When my stomach fluttered against his touch I knew I had to push him away even though I had a feeling that I would not be able to stop him if he really wanted to have his way with me. He was already aroused.

"Stop please." I sighed against his lips. And he listened. He smirked.

"Let me clean you up." He whispered cleaning my lips with his thumb. His hands moved to my button. He unbuttoned three from the top exposing my full breast to his view. His eyes were hungry and I was scared. If I didn't stop him, I knew he would feed on me.

"I can_ I can freshen myself up." I stuttered. My hands held his, little in comparison to his big hands. He didn't respond to me, he simply stared at me with a frown.

I tried to remove his hands when he would not do that himself_I couldn't. But this gesture seemed to have angered him. With his left hand he held both my hands behind my back and I shivered at the strength he possessed.

"Don't bite more than you can chew." he stated fiercely. It was more of a warning than a statement. He didn't talk much I noticed but his few words did convey all the messages a hundred would give.

He was clearly telling me not to fight, not to try his patience or he would hurt Me. Speaking of which I wondered why he hasn't already.

"Let me." He added and I nodded watching him closely as he unbuttoned the remaining buttons and my gown fell of leaving me in just bra and pants. I felt naked having been more exposed to him than I have been with any man my whole life.

He locked eyes with me caressing my stomach as his hands made way to my back. My heart was beating so fast I was surprised it had not exploded. He unhooked my bra and dropped it on the floor on top my gown.

Then his hands moved to my panties and my eyes shut tightly, I looked away as a tear fell down my face. Never had I ever Been this helpless.

He untied it from the corner and dropped it. I felt his hands on my chin again as he forced me to look at him. Although I faced him now my eyes were shut still even more tightly, I was ashamed and exposed to him. I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me but that woul

d be too much mercy, too much to hope for as I have seen now that my prayers weren't exactly being answered.

"Open your eyes?" He ordered holding my waist possessively. I shivered under his touch my whole body shaking, I felt detached from my skin. Like I was a mere spectator watching what was happening from a far.

"Please let me go." I begged. My lips shaking. "Please."

"Open your eyes now." He growled and my heart stopped. My eyes flew open. "Don't disobey me Mira!" he said through clenched teeth. He slid a strand of curly hair behind ears. I tried to cover my Breast with my hands and he slapped it away. "Why are you ashamed. You are perfect." He whispered coldly.

His hands moved around my stomach as he caressed every bit of my skin with his hard hands.

He was touching me in the most sensuous way I have ever been touched. I shuddered suppressing a moan. I should be repulsed by his touch but instead I was so fucking turned on I have never wanted anything more than I wanted him to continue touching me right then.

Although this didn't mean that I wanted him in me yet_ sex was not something I was ready for at least not anytime soon. Hopefully I could wait until marriage to unleash my desires. That's what I wanted_ how I have always planned it to be but then again life happens when we are busy making plans.

He kissed my neck his lips moving to my ears. "You are beautiful." He whispered. His hands moved to my breast. He caressed it, playing with my nipple. He then trailed kisses from my neck down to my breast, taking my right nipple gently into his mouth.

He sucked on it then he grabbed my left breast and pressed it hard. I could feel ecstasy blow horns in my head and my knees started to wobble. My legs lost all the abilities to carry my weight I seemingly became heavier.

He pressed my right boobs harder moaning in my ears. My breathe became harsh, I was hyperventilating. My hands not leaving my side. I could feel my stomach tighten and my core becoming wetter.

His head relaxed on my neck as his assault stopped abruptly. We stayed like that for some minutes. His and my breathing the only sound in the otherwise quiet room. We were as still as the win in summer.

When his breathing became normal he carried me and placed me in the tub. Then he took soap and sponge and scrubbed me gently. When he was done cleaning me up, he carried me out and dropped me on the bed. I could see then the dent on his pants.

He looked at me all over with passionate eyes. My hands flew to my stomach as I subconsciously tried to not cover my nakedness. I didn't want to anger him again. I was conscious of the fact that he had all the powers now and I had none.

"Here. Put this on." He sighed throwing a big shirt to me_His I guessed. He was over six feet and I was just barely above five. I put on the shirt immediately thankful that I would no longer be naked in front of him exposed to his searching eyes.

The shirt he gave to me almost reached my knees. I was happy that i5 covered every part of me that needed covering.

He moved close to me and took my hands in his. "Don't try to run." He warned as he disappeared into the bathroom.

I waited a few seconds after he went into the bathroom before I stood up. My mother, my brothers my aunt. They will be looking for me now even though I was scared I could not let it envelop me. I have to find a way out maybe through the window. Maybe through the door but I needed to be strong. I needed to escape.

I stood up quietly making sure as my feet touched the ground it wouldn't make a sound. I tiptoed to the window it was open and we were on the first floor. The house was bigger in width than in height. I was going to jump.

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