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   Chapter 3 In which he calls her reina

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 4335

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The car came to a halt after about five minutes. I was dragged out of the car amidst my struggles.

Then the man that had dragged me out of the car carried me up a flight of stairs and pushed me on to a bed. I fell with a thump. My heart was beating so loud_I was almost deafened by the sound.

The same guy pulled me up and tied me to the bed.

The blindfold was not removed neither was the tape. The only thing that changed was that I was tied to the bed now instead. My heart was beating so fast I almost, I almost passed out.

I have never had sex before all my life. I regretted it now, I should have given myself to someone, Someone who I was sure that at least wasn't a criminal and I felt something for him even if it was only admiration.

"Mum please help me." I prayed crying. I don't remember how long I prayed how long I cried but after a few hours the door to the room opened and someone came in.

His footsteps were precise. I remembered White Lion, honestly I have never ever met a man as handsome as he was.

His long white hair gave him the look of Something close to an Angel, neatly packed giving his cheekbones more angle. Still I don't want anything to do with him, I wanted to go home and right now I couldn't think of how to. I felt like I had cried out my hope.

The footsteps started getting closer, With each steps my heart beat increased. I could hear my heart pound like the drums In church on Sunday. When the steps stopped by the side of the bed and he touched me I fliched. I couldn't scream even if that was the only thing I wanted to do.

He sat down by the side of the bed facing me, I felt this, I felt all his moves, none of his actions was lost to me.

My eyes that were tied closed heightened my senses. It scared me even more how much I was feeling at that point.

Everything felt heightened and when he touched me with hands so warm I could not have brought myself to move away.

The part of the skin he touched burnt sending fire to all my body parts. I relaxed against my better judgment.

"I'll take of the blindfold." He said. His accent and bass voice making his voice look like something heavenly

. I swallowed and nodded. He carefully took the blindfold out. My eyes met his and he smiled. "You have beautiful eyes." He said holding my chin up like he had done the first time he saw me.

It felt like he wanted to level it with his, like he was titling it for a kiss. A kiss he was scared to give, like he was scared of me as I was of him.

I wanted to say my eyes were basic but my mouth was still taped. So I just stared at him again like I had done before. Now that he was closer I couldn't stop staring, his eyes were the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen thanks to his albinism. They were something close to heavenly sadly he was a beast, the very devil_ and there was nothing heavenly about him.

"I'll get this out." He said touching the tape, caressing it, "Don't shout or I'll put it back."

I nodded in understanding. He tore the tape away from my mouth. At first his hands stayed close expecting me to scream_ when I didn't say even a word he put his hands down but he watched me intently suspicious of my every movement.

"What is your name?"

I looked away from him. I was ashamed of myself for how I was feeling. I knew that I was not supposed to be quiet. I felt the need to fight even if there was no need to.

I was still chained to a bed, in a fortress that was heavily guarded. Surely there was no way for me to escape

Still I felt the need to struggle. I felt that if I didn't struggle then it meant that I wanted this_his touch_but I didn't.

I swear I didn't want him to touch me. Or did I. I was confused about what I wanted as I was quite aware that a part of me wanted him to touch me again..

"It's alright. I'll call you Reina then." He said softly. I didn't respond. He took out a key from his pocket and unlocked the chain. "You look dead and dirty. Let me take care of that."

He removed the chain from my hands his gaze not leaving mine. Now that my hands were free, I looked around the room in silent observation.

Surely, there must be a way to escape and with my hands not bound the ratio of the possibility that I might find this way increased a whole lot.

My stomach fluttered in excitement.

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