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   Chapter 2 In which she prays.

All is fair in love By MiraHarlson Characters: 4178

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The polythene bag that covered my face was removed with my hands bound and held by one of the kidnappers. Standing in front of me was a man as white as snow. His eyes were purple with a shade of gold.

He had on his hands the tattoo of a white lion and with all I saw it was safe for me to conclude that he was the white lion, the gang king.

I have always wondered why he was called white lion. Some said it was because of his pet, a white lion. Others said he fancied the name but no one made reference to his albinism.

His hair was as white as his skin. In contrast to his skin colour he had on a black shirt, jeans and boots. I realized I was staring.

"Let us go please." Justine begged. I looked over at them by my side. The guy holding me held me tighter.

"She seems like the rebellious one boss. Fucking Slut thinks she's a fighter." He spat slapping my ass. I struggled to remove my arms from his firm grip.

"Let me go__ asshole." I shouted. White lion watched us keenly without saying a word. He moved close to me so that he was standing a few inches away from me. He held my chin up and smiled.

"I like her spirit. It is always fun breaking her likes." He laughed. "You are mine." He said to me. A shiver ran down my spine and tears followed. I was beginning to feel fear, the fear that had been buried by shock was finding it's way out and it was consuming me in every flavour.

"Boss you should leave her to us." The man standing by him laughed evily, "We will teach her lessons. Simone don't you agree?" He questioned the man holding me, winking at him. In reply he laughed and grabbed my boobs. "Of course boss I agree."

His action however didn't seem to go well with his boss. In a flash white lion brought out a gun from his pocket and shot him on the head. He died instantly without even coughing.

"Jesus Christ what the fucking blood of Christ." I shouted as the man fell down besides me.

"When something is mine it shouldn't be touched." He said putting his gun in his pocket casually like he had just not killed a man. That was the type o

f man white Lion was, a killer.

The man standing by him fell to his knees immediately. "Boss please forgive. I swear I'll never ever say anything about her again, I promise." He begged holding unto his feet. It was scary to see a grown man with his muscles and height bow to a smaller man in fear and reverence.

"Benji I'll let you go today. We all die but you won't today at least not by my gun. Clean this mess and make sure those two failures have no other Chance to fail." White Lion said to Benji patting his back.

"I'll do that boss. Thanks for sparing my life boss." He laughed nervously as he stood up.

White Lion nodded patting him again. He hit his head with the gun shocking me. I gasped as Benji fell down with a thump, his nose bleeding. "Just a small test." He laughed. "Take the girls in and bring her to me."

"No no no. Please let me go with them please." I immediately protested crying. My cries were of no use as I was dragged out amidst my tears and struggle.

"Marianna!" I heard Justine and caro scream as they were carried to God knows where. I was pushed into another car my hands still tied. They were not going to make the mistake of letting my hands free again I could tell.

This car was more of a jeep and I was the only one in lying face down with two other guys one at each edge but they didn't so much as speak to me. My mouth was taped and I was blindfolded immediately the car started.

I laid down praying for my brothers for my mother and for myself. My aunt will be expecting me now, she must have made my favourite dish and my mum would have called me more than a million times now. She must be so worried now I thought crying.

I was scared for myself, for her and for my brothers too. I never want to cause them pain, never, only Joy. I was their protector and they couldn't live without me.

I'll find a way to leave this place or die trying. I told myself in firm resolve

"Grandma I really need your help now. If you can see me from heaven I think this is the best time for you to help me please." I prayed silently.

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