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Chapter 26

Cassie pried her eyes open as the alarm clock's radio blasted out the morning news at her at top volume. She turned the alarm off and sat up, running her hand through her hair as the previous day's events came crashing back on to her.

"Alan and Carolyn sacrificed themselves, the trees ate them and they became ghosts who held cocktail parties and gathered books. Little Horrors attacked because they thought I killed their friend and that I would make a tasty meal. The trees ate the ones Jacob didn't cremate. Then they ate my arrows because they had my blood." Cassie rubbed her face and wondered if she could just go back to bed until the world made more sense. Somehow she didn't think the world was planning to get any saner in the near future. Cassie slid out of bed and went to the bathroom.

Oddly, the trees were the part her brain was having the most trouble with accepting. Things with teeth sometime bit people. People committed suicide on occasion and there were many people in the world who believed in ghosts. In her world, trees did not eat people.

"Except now they do, " she said as she pulled on her work out clothing. Cassie dressed and pulled her hair into a ponytail. She then went into the living room and extracted Herman from the coat closet.

"You know if I just sparred with you yesterday than none of this would have happened, " she told him as she began her warm up routine. The expression on his rubberized face looked smug and she lifted her eyebrow. "Oh, so you think this is my fault then do you?"

Cassie took her place in front of Herman and began her morning assault. "If I didn't go running, the attack might not have happened but the little horror would have continued eating my neighbors. And, " she continued, as she brutally kicked her stationary partner. "The beast was waiting for me to get strong enough so I would be tastier, so he could have attacked when I didn't have a weapon. Then he could have eaten my neighbors and killed me. Is that what you want Herman?"

As her attack continued, Cassie didn't have enough breath to continue berating Herman, so she concentrated on beating him. As she did, she felt her muscles loosen and her insides settle down. Ghosts and cannibalistic trees faded away and she once more felt calm and in control. When she was done, Cassie was panting and dripping with sweat. Her clothes were soaked through and her hair was plastered to her scalp.

"I hope you've learned your lesson, " Cassie said. She fancied that Herman now looked contrite as she wheeled him back into the closet. Cassie closed the closet door and looked towards the garden. "No, " she decided. "I'm not running today." She may have felt better about everything, but she wasn't quite ready to face the trees and spend time alone in the back yard.

"Shower, " she decided.

Cassie took a long hot shower and then dressed for school. Instead of her normal breakfast, Cassie cut a large slice of chocolate cake and decided to eat that instead. After she ate she brushed her teeth and stuck her last minute toiletries into her suit case. She loaded the bags into the trunk as Abraham requested and turned on the engine to let the car warm up. As the car warmed, Cassie put the last of her chicken salad into a container and then added it and the rest of her lunch components to her lunch bag. She made certain to add a thermos full of lemonade to her bag so she wouldn't have to go to the drink machines. Cassie didn't know if Braggi would still be lurking at school but she had no desire to slip into an isolated corner for a chat with him or anyone else.

Cassie added h

ok any notice. The gym teacher ignored their presence as inconsequential.

"I would again like to offer my congratulations on your victory. I can tell that whoever attacked you fared poorly and will no doubt think twice before coming against you."

"Thanks, " Cassie said. She wondered how Ms. Jensen knew of the fight. Since Cassie was wearing different clothes and showered, she wasn't sure what was showing. 'Or smelling, ' Cassie said remembering how she sniffed the air at Cassie's approach.

"About the track team, " Ms. Jenson started.

"I won't be able to join, " Cassie said before she could continue.

"Oh, " she looked slightly deflated.

"But I do have a couple of running questions though, " Cassie said. Ms. Jensen perked up.

"Really?" she asked.

Cassie nodded and explained her running regime. "I'm not sure how to record my improvements, " she ended.

Ms. Jensen nodded and smiled. "Always important, " she began. Cassie took a bite of her sandwich and as she ate, her gym teacher spoke at length about the sport of running and different methods of improvement and measuring such improvement. Cassie tried to look interested and when the first bell ran, signaling the end of lunch, she tried not to look relieved.

"Thank you, " Cassie said. "I'll keep you posted on my progress." Ms. Jensen looked pleased as she stood and walked away. Cassie shoved her containers into her bag and forced her lunch bag into her school bag before heading out to class.

'I guess I'm training to run a marathon now, ' she thought as she walked down the hall. 'Or training to run to Marathon.' During her monologue the gym teacher frequently interchanged the two and Cassie remembered that Nike was some sort of Greek Goddess. 'I wonder if she saw the Greek games first hand when the marathon was named. If she joins me at lunch again, maybe I can ask her.' Cassie shook her head and stepped over the lighted lines and into her next class room. The action was quickly becoming automatic.

'I really hope she doesn't join me for lunch again, ' Cassie thought. Daily lunches with her gym teacher were not a priority that was high on her list. 'But I'm pretty sure I've annoyed Mr. Babbin. Maybe it would be a good idea if Ms. Jensen likes me.'

Cassie took her seat and wished that her day would hurry up and end. 'I kind of miss not being noticed, ' she thought as she slid her notebook out of her bag.

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