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Chapter 10

As Ivy waited, she paced. She tried to keep her steps light so as not to drive her downstairs neighbor into a fit.

"Mr. Leibowitz, " Ivy recalled. "It's Thursday. He works until seven on week days." She looked at the clock. It was too early for him to be home. "One less thing to worry about although I'd trade it for something else scratched off the list." At the moment not irritating her neighbor was low on her priorities list.

When the knock sounded on the door, Ivy nearly jumped out of her skin. She hurried to the door and checked the judas hole. Russell and Alex were standing in the hall.

"Thank god, " she said, her breath gusting out of her as she unbolted and opened the door. Both men stepped inside, their hands clutching plastic grocery sacks.

"I can't believe you sent Russell after me to make sure I remembered wine, " Alex said. Ivy lifted her eyebrow in surprise and Russell shrugged. She closed and bolted the door.

"It was the only reason I could think of in public for joining him, " Russell said. "I think it was because I just saw the bottle in the fridge and not because I think you need a drink."

"Great, " Ivy said. "Although the drink might come in handy later."

The smile dropped from Alex's face. "Public reason?"

"I talked to Albert, " she told him. "He thinks bringing you with me might cause more harm than good." She quickly outlined the conversation she had with Albert as they put the limited groceries away. Ivy was unsurprised to see it was heavy on the junk food side of things.

"So have you called Hamilton yet?" Alexa asked.

"No I wanted to wait until you two got back."

"Making sure I wasn't abducted in the produce aisle?" Alex said with a grin.

"Or killed in an auto accident while walking home, " Ivy added. Alex's smile fell.

"Or that, " he said.

"Might as well call now, " Ivy said.

"Then we can see if we get an early dinner or a light snack now, " Russell said. Ivy saw him eyeing the bag of chips.

"You might as well open it, " Ivy told him. "I doubt Hamilton will wait until we've eaten and as Alex brought four bags of chips, we shouldn't run out any time soon."

"You can never have too many chips, " Alex said as Russell opened one of the bags. Ivy pulled up Hamilton's phone number in her contacts and let it ring. Hamil

yone to be here and most of the permanent staff is made up of golems, ' she reminded herself, trying not to let her worry cloud her impressions. 'The golems live on site, I think and even if they don't, they wouldn't have cars of their own.'

Ivy had a mental image of Hamilton taking one of the golems home with him so that he could use the carpool lane, but quickly shook the thought away. 'Hamilton has a driver, ' she reminded herself. As the one time she rode in a car he was driving caused her to white knuckle the door handle, she was willing to concede Hamilton having a driver was less a luxury and more of a safety feature for everyone else attempting to share the road with him.

After checking for turning vehicles, they walked through the drive where they entered the parking lot and stepped onto the sidewalk. It was nearly four in the afternoon. Any after school traffic thinned and it was too early for the after work commute to begin. The light traffic around the building wasn't really a surprise, but to Ivy it felt as though the world was holding its breath, waiting to see what would happen next.

'No use trying to spook myself, ' she thought as they rounded the corner and approached the main entrance. 'It's not ominous, it just happens to be a slow time of the day. Not everything is a portent of doom. It's just Hamilton not wanting to lose face with the public, not the end of the world.' The frogs jumping around in her belly didn't listen. 'Yeah, ' she thought as she reached for the door. 'I'm not sure I believe me either.'

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