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Chapter 30

After so long in the woods where satellite connections were hit or miss, the GPS was happy to be in an urban environment and chirped out the directions. Ivy followed them and was soon pulling into the parking lot of a low slung clinic. It looked more like a building containing doctor's offices than a place for recuperation, but as Owen was waiting by the doors, she figured she found the right place.

She parked and Danny pulled in beside her. Ivy got out of the driver's seat and opened one of the back doors. She opened the file bag and pulled out Hamilton's keys and her folded list of names. She then straightened, closed the door and locked the vehicle.

"Let's get this done so we can get home, " Ivy said.

"The quicker the better, " Danny said nodding his agreement. "Do you want me to wait here or go on with you?"

"Wait here, eat lunch. Hopefully it won't take long."

Leaving Danny by the cars, Ivy walked to the doors, joining Owen. He made no comment about Danny's absence and simply followed her inside. At the front desk, Ivy asked after Hamilton and found she was cleared for a visit. Owen was not.

"I suspect you will be safe, " he said. "Yell if anything happens."

Ivy nodded and followed the nurse's directions to Hamilton's room. It wasn't that far and in fact Ivy could still see Owen standing in the lobby from his door. At the door, Ivy knocked. The door opened and Ivy's eyes watered as a wave of perfume scented air rolled over her. In the doorway a blonde woman stood, radiating Chanel and disapproval. Diamonds sparkled in her earlobes, her hair and make-up were salon perfect and her outfit looked as though it came directly from a runway. She was also a norm.

"I'm sorry, " Ivy said. "I might have the wrong room. I was looking for Mr. Hamilton Bridges."

"You have the right room, Ms. Chambers. Angela let her in." Angela huffed, but stepped to the side.

"The doctor said you shouldn't be disturbed, " she said. She pinched her lips into a thin line and let her eyes scan Ivy from her sensible shoes to her loosely tied up hair. "You shouldn't disturb my husband. The doctor said so."

"It is business, " Hamilton said. He was propped up in bed by a veritable sea of pillows and although he looked better, Ivy could well imagine him being ordered to rest.

"I won't be long, " Ivy assured both of them. "I just wanted to drop off your keys and a list." Ivy said. She moved forward and placed the list with the keys on top on the night stand beside the bed.

"Your research is complete?" Hamilton asked.

Uncertain of Angela's involvement, Ivy kept her reply simple. "As done as I can be without further input."

"Then business is as usual?" he asked. He stretched out a hand to tap his keys.

"It was set to normal when I left it, " Ivy said lightly. "How long it will remain that way is anyone's guess."

Hamilton's eyes

n and out of sleep.

She opened her eyes groggily as the bedroom door opened. Ivy blinked and sat up a bit as Russell entered the room. She could see his bare chest was covered with healing scratches she were certain were claw marks. She was relieved enough that he was home safe that they didn't much worry her.

"Just talking, huh?" she asked as Russell tried to quiet down the ecstatic Bugsy.

"Pack business, " Russell replied with a smile. He got Bugsy to leave the bed, but the dog's eyes never left the two of them as Russell slid into bed beside her.

"Does Simon look worse or do I need to hex him so all his hair falls out when he shifts to wolf form?" she asked.

"I thought you didn't know that hex?"

"I could learn, " Ivy replied. She felt Russell's chest shake with silent laughter.

"I think he'll settle down now that matters are decided, " Russell said. "No hex necessary."

"And?" she asked.

"And I am the new pack leader of the Isliton Pack."

"Congratulations, " Ivy said. "I didn't want to learn the Hex anyway."

"I'm glad. I heard you got shot?" he said, his amusement fading.

"Yeah, " Ivy replied. "Mage business."


"Yup, but Owen tried. At least the second time around. He tried to bite the vampire. It didn't work. The fire did, so that's okay then." Ivy realized she was drifting off again. With the niggling worry about Russell eliminated, sleep was intent on claiming her.

"Sounds fascinating, " Russell said.

"And we might be adopting a couple of Seers, " she added.

"Well, we do have the space. Why don't you tell me about it in the morning?"

"Okay, " Ivy replied. Her eyelids felt weighted. "I'm glad you are back safely."

"I'm glad you're home safe too, " Russell said. "Now sleep." Ivy nodded, or thought she did. Within seconds she was sleeping deeply, Russell beside her and Bugsy watching vigilantly from his little bed on the side.

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