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   Chapter 37 Talks

His Personal Seductress By Prathyusha Eluri Characters: 4150

Updated: 2020-05-13 12:36

"Well to be frank even I am afraid not because she will do anything because even though she might be angry with you, she can't hurt you because deep down she still loves you…. I will have someone to look after her all the time so that she won't take any wrong step" Arnold spoke which made Ashley take a deep breath in relief hoping for a better tomorrow.


"Arnold I am thinking something" Ashley spoke as she entered their bedroom after making Tryson sleep. Arnold looked at her with a confused face and she settled herself on bed beside him

"What is that?" Arnold asked when he realised that she is deep in some thoughts

"Let's go to Virginia again and may be after being there we can get any evidence there to prove that Amelia is wrong on her place" Ashley spoke, and Arnold took a deep breath

"I have already done that ash… even I went there myself but there is nothing left there and even the house is down due to fire accident so there is nothing left there" Arnold spoke, and Ashely nodded her head in yes.

"So, now there is nothing left that we could do, now everything is under the grace of god… so pray him that we should get our daughter back" Arnold spoke and kissed her forehead which made her smile. She snuggle

ch" he controlled himself not to burst into tears while speaking the last words. He just closed his eyes to absorb the pain. He opened his eyes and saw that even her eyes were filled with tears.

"As he is not in this world, use some thing which you love very much to divert yourself and then make some new hobbies" he spoke and kissed her forehead even before she can predict his move.

"Even if you agree or not, you are my daughter and I will always be there with you… and also I know that you love playing guitar, so if possible give me time as that guitar teacher in childhood and then that friend who you had in childhood" he spoke and moved inside the room making her tears to come out from her tears. Arnold entered inside the room and closed his eyes leaning on wall allowing his tears to fall down from his face.

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