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   Chapter 28 Amelia

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Amelia reached the place where Arnold lives in Virginia. She knocked the door of the house and it was answered by servant.

"Where is Arnold?" she asked the servant, who looked at her with a smile.

"Hi Ashely, sir is out of state for some work, he will be back in another 15 minutes. Please come and wait for him inside" she spoke making Ashley confused. She nodded her head and moved inside the house.

"Sit here and if you are bored then go around the house, after all you have to manage this house" she again spoke which made Ashely shocked.

"I think you have mistaken me with someone else because I am not the one who is going to run this house" she spoke and the servant looked at Ashley confused.

"Are you mother of Amelia?" she asked and Ashley nodded her head still confused and her movement brought a smile on the servant face again.

"Then I am correct dear, you are the one who is there in Arnold heart and also in his brain" the servant spoke and Ashely looked at her with a confused face.

"If you are not sure about this then I strongly recommend you to go to the room which is on right in the upstairs and then you will realise what I am saying" she spoke and still nodding at her confused, Ashley moved f

sely" he spoke to himself and then he looked at Ashely and smiled

"Don't worry whatever the reason is I will definitely get ameila to you in next three hours and will also punish the person who kidnapped her because that person played a nasty game now by involving a child in it" he spoke and by now Ashley was sure that Arnold didn't do anything to Amelia.

"How can be so sure that you will bring her back and who the hell has the need to kidnap Amelia?" she spoke and all she got in return is a smile from Arnold.

"I am damn sure that it will happen but for that you need to do one small work for me" he spoke and she looked at him confused but then nodded her head.

He then described the entire plan to her and at she was more confused.

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