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   Chapter 27 His Ultimate Action

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"this is the work of Arnold and don't worry I will deal it in my way now" she spoke, and he nodded his head at her because he knew that she won't accept his help in this issue. They both then moved towards Amelia school to pick her up but when they reached there, they were shocked to see the sight in front of them.

All the people in the school were running here and there which made them shocked. Ashley then stopped one small girl who is running in front of her

"what happened? Why all are running?" she asked her and the small girl looked at Ashely

"because some one said that there is attack on school and they kidnapped some students" she spoke and her words made Ashley and Aaron shock. They both then ran inside the school to the classroom of Amelia to check on her.

"we have to find her anyhow" Aaron spoke to himself and he rushed to Amelia classroom in more speed. Soon he reached her class and found that the classroom was empty which made them shocked again.

"Amelia" Ashley started to shout her name hoping that she will get a response from her baby. When she didn't get any response, she started to run here and there in the school and then start searching for her.

Soon everyone in the school were running here and there searching for their kids. Some one heard some sounds coming from the backside of the school so all the people rushed there and found the kids hidden in store room. Ashely then again searched for Amelia but she is not there.

"Amelia" she shouted again and by now she is completely a crying mess. She didn't

11:30 in the morning came to me and asked for leave because he is having some emergency and I don't know it because I didn't ask him" he spoke and now Ashely came to a conclusion that it is done by Arnold only.

"ok sir I will check for Amelia" she spoke and then excused themselves from the principal. When they were far away from principal, she held Aaron hand.

"do you think this is done by Arnold?" she asked him with a confused face

"in normal days I would have told no but from morning the things were happening makes me say yes" he spoke and Ashley took a deep breath calming her rage now.

"this time he crossed his limits because before all the things he does will target me but now he is targeting Amelia and I will show him hell now" she spoke and then she moved towards her car with Aaron behind her.

"what are you going to do?" he asked her and she looked at him with a smirk

"the same thing which will make him insane and he himself will come out of the shell now" she spoke and her confidence made him smile.

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