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   Chapter 24 they meet

His Personal Seductress By Prathyusha Eluri Characters: 5117

Updated: 2020-01-12 14:40

"what do you mean that you met Arnold?" Ashley asked him with fear in her voice. He looked at her with a determined look on his face

"yeah I clearly remembered the Arnold you talked and today I met the same person but what I don't understand is… he is a famous personality and press eyes will be on him. So, how did he enter here without getting noticed by anyone?" he spoke his doubt making her more afraid.

"Arnold do the things publicly only if he wants and if he decided that the things shouldn't go out then even his presence will be a mystery to everyone in the world" she spoke and he looked at her with a look which she couldn't identify.

"why are you looking at me like that?" she asked him but he shook his head and then moved towards Amelia who finished her ride now. He took her in his arms and again moved to another ride.

"what does he want now… does he already knew that Amelia is his daughter and he came to take her back from me?" she thought and this thoughts made her even more scared. She then looked at Amelia who was now giggling in Aaron arms, this made her smile but her thoughts again went to Arnold and now she was scared of losing her daughter.

She knew the day she got to know that she is pregnant is the third day after she left Arnold. She didn't understand what to do that time and then Aaron is the one who stood with her as a friend. After Amelia was born, he proposed her and she gave him a chance just for the sake of Amelia and even Aaron knows that. Now, when she thought that her li

e contact with the girl who attracted him in the first glance. He too looked at her with an intense look and the eye lock broke when they heard the school bell.

"why you came here?" she asked him and he looked at her again with a grin

"at first I came back to take you but now I found out that I have another person also in my list to take with me" he spoke and Ashely looked at him with a shocked face. Till now, there is a little hope in her heart that he didn't knew that Ashely was his daughter but now she is sure that he knew it.

"Amelia is not your daughter" she spoke with an angry look and listening to this Arnold started to smile widely.

"till now I just had a note that she is my daughter but now I am sure that she is my daughter only so get ready to face the gangster whom you wanted to show to the world" he spoke and she looked at him with fear in her eyes

"see how peaceful it is to see the fear back in your eyes" he spoke and the next thing she did made him furious.

She slapped him

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