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   Chapter 23 HE meets HIM

His Personal Seductress By Prathyusha Eluri Characters: 4290

Updated: 2020-01-07 21:22

"I know that she is my daughter because not only she has the same birthmark as me but also she is afraid of that damn ride but before I take any other step I have to get a proof for this" Arnold spoke to himself and then he kept on thinking for a way to prove this to the world.

"but to make this happen I have to be with Amelia for long time and for this to happen I should do something" he spoke and then he looked towards his left side and his eyes fell on the guitar that is for sale in the near by shop. He smirked when an idea hit him and then he looked at Amelia who is looking like scared kid in Aaron arms who is standing in the Q for the ferris wheel.

"get ready to be with me soon Ashley" he again spoke but this time he had a smirk on his face. He then moved away from the amusement park to prepare the things for his plan.

Amelia was scared to enter the ride and she kept looking here and there and that is when she spotted Arnold which made her smile. She then looked at Aaron and gave him her sweet smile which made him confused.

"dad I want to meet one person please?" she spoke and Aaron looked at her confused because she never uses this excuse when she wants to escape this ride.

"whom you want to meet?" he asked her raising his eyebrows. She pointed a

od to hear and now I will make a move as I have some work" Arnold spoke and he looked at Amelia with a smile

"see you tomorrow cutie and it is nice to meet you Mr. Aaron" Arnold spoke and he then got greetings return from both of them. He made a move from there making them smile. When Arnold moved out of their sight, Ashely came near them

"what are you both doing here?" she asked them and they both looked at her with a smile

"I just met Amelia new teacher" Aaron spoke and Ashley nodded her head in yes. Aaron then turned towards Amelia

"baby why don't you enjoy the merry go round?" he asked her and Amelia squealed in happiness and ran towards that ride again.

"what happened?" Ashely asked Aaron when Amelia entered the ride

"I saw Aaron and he is the new teacher of Amelia" he spoke and Ashley looked at him with a shocked face.

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