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   Chapter 22 realised

His Personal Seductress By Prathyusha Eluri Characters: 4600

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"what the hell, I don't give you thousands of salaries for this information" Arnold shouted at the person on the receiver end. He is in phone call with his secret agent he appointed to get details of Amelia. He didn't get any true information till now and this is getting on his nerves

"but sir all the records are being hidden and it will take some time for us to dig them out" the other person spoke making Arnold angry

"seriously then ok how many days you need or do you need one entire life time?" he spoke with his sarcastic voice making the other person tremble in fear

"before you give me another good for nothing excuse let me tell you that I need the details in the next 24 hours, otherwise get ready to come on roads as I will screw you" he spoke and disconnected the call. He then looked at Amelia and Ashley pictures which his agent had sent him.

"why are you hiding her identity Ashely and if my doubt is correct and she is my daughter then no one I mean no one will save you from my wrath and even your so called lover can't save you" he spoke to himself and then he smiled looking at the picture but this smile is not the smile which makes others happy but this smile had a revenge in it.


"Aaron come let's go" Ashely spoke tugging his arm making him groan in his sleep the next morning.

"but let me sleep ash" he spoke still in his sleep.

me girl pointing at the child who is behind Amelia in the merry go round. She took a breath of relief and kept her hand on her heart to calm it down.

Arnold saw this from far and the smirk on his face grew seeing the reaction of Ashley. He then looked at the boy who spoke near Ashely and showed his thumb to which he nodded his head. Soon Aaron and Amelia came from ride.

"so now it is my choice" Aaron spoke and then he looked at the rides and pointed at Ferris wheel which made Amelia to widen her eyes at Aaron.

"dad please not that" Amelia spoke with her puppy eyes but Aaron nodded his head in no at her

"I got into your favourite and now you have to get into my favourite" Aaron spoke and moved towards Ferris wheel making Amelia cry in fear.

"no acting near me" Aaron spoke and Amelia looked at him with puppy eyes.

Seeing all this Arnold had one thing in his mind… she is his daughter only

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