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   Chapter 21 realising

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"Mom you know today a new teacher came to our school and he promised me that he will teach me guitar" Amelia spoke making Ashley look at her. Ashley then focused back on driving

"That is really good sweetie… what is the name of that teacher?" Ashley asked her daughter with a sweet smile. Amelia then thought about the name of the new teacher, but she couldn't recall his name

"Sorry mom I can't remember his name" Amelia spoke with a sheepish smile while Ashley smiled at her daughter

"No problem sweetie, but next time when you meet him please note his name" Ashley spoke, and Amelia nodded her head at her mother. Soon they reached home and Amelia ran inside the house. Seeing her excitement Ashley laughed because she knew that every day after her school Amelia wants to spend time with Aaron.

"Slow down baby otherwise you will fall down" Ashley shouted at Amelia, but she didn't listen to anything and ran towards the house where Aaron was waiting for her at the entrance.

As soon as Aaron saw Amelia running towards him, he bends down and picked her in his arms. He twirled her in air making her giggle

"So, how is my baby today?" Aaron asked Amelia and this is there code line which means he is asking her whether there is anything that he should take care for her.

"I am fine dad" she spoke, and he nodded his head at her. He then moved inside the house with Amelia still in his arms. He sat on the couch with her on his lap

"So, what my baby did today?" he asked her, and Amelia started to narrate the events again.

"Ok now go and freshen up and come" Ashley asked Amelia to which she nodded her head. She kissed Aaron on his cheeks and ran towards her room. Aaron then looked at Ashley who is looking somewhat dull

"Now tell me what happened?" Aaron asked Ashley who looked at him with a shocked face

"How do you know that something happened?" she asked him, and he looked

at her with a glare

"I can see that on your face" he spoke, and Ashley looked at him with a defeated look on her face.

"Today I think I saw Arnold near Amelia school" she spoke, and Aaron looked at her shocked for a second but then he composed himself.

"I know that this will happen one day, and the day has come finally" he spoke, and Ashley looked at him with a shocked face

"What don't look at me like that I know that this will happen but didn't expect that this will take this much time" he spoke, and she looked at him with a scared face

"Listen to me baby as a men I know that you have hurt his ego and he will definitely come to take revenge on you… so the best thing we can do is keep Amelia far away from him and as you already told that you might have seen him but we are not sure it is him or not… so don't worry nothing will happen" he spoke, and she nodded her head as she is not in a position to speak any words.

Aaron hugged her from side and made Ashley head lay on his shoulder. He kissed her forehead and held her hand in his

"Don't worry he won't do anything to you and Amelia" he spoke, and she closed her eyes snuggling more into him.

On the other side, Arnold was waiting outside Ashley house and he saw Amelia running into the house. What he observed during that process made him shocked.

While running he saw that Amelia frock moved up to her knees and there at the back side of her knee he saw a big birthmark. Even he had the same birthmark at the same place.

Why did Amelia have the same birthmark as him?

If Amelia is Aaron daughter, then why does she have the same birthmark as him?

Is she his daughter?

All the doubts created a havoc inside him and all he could do now is to dig out about the birth of Amelia.

He immediately dialed his private investigator and asked him to get all the details of Ashely and also about the birth of Amelia.

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