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"Good morning class today we will discuss about the discoveries of the great scientists and the story behind it" the class teacher spoke to the class and he was about to continue when there was a knock on the door. He looked towards the door where he saw the school principal along with a young man in his suit.

"Good morning people" principal greeted the children with a smile on his face. The children smiled at him while the other man eyes searched for one child and when he found her he kept looking at her.

"So, I want to introduce you to one person who is the new owner of this school and also he is your new activity teacher from now on, his name is Arnold" principal introduced Arnold to the students and Arnold smiled at all of them.

"Good morning children and as sir told I am your new activity teacher… so from now onwards all your activities like sports, drawing, dancing, singing etc anything except studies will be with me so when we meet later I want all of you to tell me in what are you interested among these and I will train you in them" Arnold spoke and he gave a smile to all the children before leaving the room.

As soon as he left the classroom, he glared at the principal making him shiver in his place.

"I better get the admission details of Amelia by the time I reach your cabin" he spoke to the principal with gritted teeth and the principal nodded his head afraid of his wrath. Arnold then moved towards the room where he is going to meet the students from Amelia class.

After 30 minutes, students started to come inside the hall, and this made Arnold attentive towards the students. He looked for Amelia and he smirked when he saw her looking at him already.

"So, children are you all ready with what you want to do in your activity?" he asked and all gave him a chorus of yes.

"Good now one by one come near me and tell me your name along with your interested activity" he spoke, and the students started to come one by one. He was interacting with the students, but he wants Amelia to come soon so that he can use her for getting to Ashley.

His waiting came to end when finally, Amelia came near him

"Good morning sir, this is Amelia Conor, my interest is in playing guitar" she spoke with a cute smile and her words made Arnold smile too. He picked Amelia in his arms and made her sit on his lap

"You know even I am a guitar player but because of my schedule I couldn't spend more time on guitar" he spoke with a pout in the end making Amelia giggle.

"No problem sir you can play with me" she spoke and he nodded his head at her. Soon Amelia joined her friends and soon the class is over. But Amelia words were running in Arnold's mind

Why is she naming herself as Conor when it is the surname of Ashley?

If Ashley and

Aaron were in relationship, then why is Amelia not named after him?

What is the identity of Amelia that Ashley wants to hide?

All these questions were roaming in his brain but there were no answers to his questions. For the first time in his life, he is at crossroads as all the paths he wants to go there is no chance of him winning this. He wants to know each and everything that happened to Ashley in these four years but how can he find out because Ashley made herself undetectable during these four years. Now he was able to find just because Ashely entered her name as mother in the admission for Amelia.

"I want every single detail about Ashley and Amelia" he spoke to his personal detective agent when he answered his call. When he got the positive reply, he disconnected the call.

"I seriously don't know how I am going to deal with you but I am sure within next week you will with me again and I promise this Ashley" he spoke with a smirk looking at his phone wallpaper which is the picture of Ashley.

He then moved towards the exit of the school and there he saw all the students moving out from school. He even saw Amelia running towards Ashley who was waiting for her.

Amelia ran towards Ashley who immediately took Amelia in her arms. Ashley kissed Amelia cheeks making her giggle

"So, how was your day?" Ashley asked her daughter who gave her a sheepish smile and started to narrate the entire day events. Ashley felt someone gaze on her and she looked here and there but her gaze stopped on Arnold and she was shocked to see him there. She looked at Amelia who was speaking something and then she looked at the same position where she found Arnold, but she saw no one there.

She took a breath of relief thinking that its her imagination. She hugged Amelia close to her chest to assure herself making Amelia stop her ramble and look at her mother

"What happened mom?" Amelia asked her mother who nodded her head in no and kept looking here and there for Arnold, but she found none

"I promise you baby that I will always keep you with me and won't allow anyone to cause any harm to you" she spoke hugging her daughter close to her heart again. She then moved from there with a fear in her heart. As soon as she left from the place, Arnold came out from the place where he is hiding

"I promise you Ashley that soon you will come to me" he spoke to himself looking at Ashley who is now leaving in her car.

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