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   Chapter 18 new start

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"ash I think we should buy this shirt for our girl" Aaron spoke and she looked at the shirt in his hand. It is completely looking like a boy shirt and not suitable for a four-year girl. She glared at him who looked at her confused.

"Why are you looking at me like this?" he asked her with a cute innocent look on his face which made her shook her head at him.

"Have you ever brought something for girls in your life?" she asked snatching the shirt from him and he looked at her with a glare.

"I think the dress you are wearing now is given by me around two years ago and from then it is your favorite dress" he spoke folding his hands on his chest and she shook her head again. It's been five years that they shifted to Virginia and now even there is a small baby girl in their life named Amelia, who is the xerox copy of her father. Ashely will always have a tough time handling her with her stubbornness, but she loves her daughter so much.

"being your girlfriend, I love what you select but she doesn't like it" she stated the fact and Aaron nodded his head at her

"she is one of a devil" he spoke and the next second he felt something hitting him on his back making him yell suddenly. He turned towards the source and saw tha

started to suck it giving him the pleasure he wanted.

After he was done with her, he threw her out of the room and then he settled on the bed. He was about to do his work when he received an email from the investigator he hired to search for Ashley. He opened the mail and saw some details about Ashely, amelia there.

"so you are a mother now" he spoke to himself and then looked at some more pictures added by his investigator.

"I am coming to break your happy family into pieces, Ashley…. This is the punishment for showing your back to me" he spoke with a determined voice and closed the mail and slept with a smirk on his face.

Thanks to everyone for understanding me and for having patience for an update

Will update the next one in one week... again sorry for the delay having a trip to Bhutan today night

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