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   Chapter 17 escape - 2

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Ashely reached the railway station from where she will reach Virginia. She knew that Arnold can't find her now and she can lead her new life happily. She had a victory smile on her face, and she felt as if she won an Oscar award now. But did she escape from his trap?

She was looking outside the window when she felt someone presence beside her which made her look at the person. She found stubble guy in a white t-shirt with blue jeans which made him look handsome. He smiled at Ashley and she too smiled at him.

"hi I am Aaron" he spoke extending his hand to Ashley who smiled at him and shook his hand

"this is Ashley" she spoke and he smiled at her. He settled himself properly by adjusting his luggage and she kept observing him because he had nearly three bags of luggage and all she has is one small duffle bag.

"going home for break?" he asked her and she looked at him confused

"no you are having very less luggage so I thought that you moved to this place for education and now going back to the house for holidays" he spoke and she looked at him with a smile.

"yeah I am going for a holiday but I don't know how many days I will take a break" she spoke and he smiled at her

"that's great you are lucky enough to get holidays" he spoke and she looked at him with a smile on her life. Her motive was that her new life should start from this point and even if it starts on a lie then also she doesn't care.

"you are going for holiday?" she asked him and he looked at her with a smile on his face. This smile made her feel warmed and she smiled genuinely.

"no actually I am going to shift to another place and I don't know what life has in store for me so I am going to explore the places and settle in the place where I loved" he spoke and she looked at him with a smile on her face

"even I am thinking to settle somewhere where I will be at peace" she spoke and he looked at her with a smile

"I think we should both settle together" he proposed her idea which made her look at him with a shocked face

"and what made you think that I will agree to your proposal?" she asked him and he looked at her with a smile.

"because you are lonely and I am lonely so we both can make a team till we settle because in new places there will be more expenses and when there is a team the expenses will be reduced" he spoke and she looked at him with a confused face

"I will think about it" she spoke and he looked at

her and then they both got immersed in their thoughts. She kept on thinking about the things going to happen to her. She doesn't have enough amount of money so she has to do something. She knew that she will get traced one day and on that day she needs someone to help her fight that evil Arnold.

In all these thoughts, she didn't realize that the train reached her destination. She was brought out from her thoughts when she felt someone hand on her shoulder. She looked at the source and found that it was Aaron.

"The train reached your destination but not your thoughts so put them on hold" he spoke while taking his bags and she looked at him with a curious eye but then it changed into a smile when Aaron gave her another genuine smile of his.

"I thought about what you said and I think it is better if we both be friends and help each other to settle here" she spoke after they came out from the train. He smiled at her and nodded his head at her.

Arnold who reached his house after his work searched for Ashley but he didn't find her anywhere which made him confused. He then went inside his room to check on her but then he was not able to notice her presence anywhere.

"Where did she go?" he was about to move out from the room when he observed that the door of the secret room was open. He got angry as he knew that it was the work of Ashley. He thought that she was inside and baked into the room to show his anger on her.

But then the result was negative, he was not able to find her anywhere. He then searched inside the CCTV footage and found that she came inside the bedroom and never came back out till now. He got confused and searched inside the room completely. At last, he went into the balcony only to see it also empty.

He again went to the CCTV footage room and saw the clips of the backyard camera and found that she escaped from the house. He then received notification of using the card for ticked booking to Canada.

"I never thought that you can be such a fool Ashley" he spoke to himself with a smirk on his face and then trashed his mobile on the ground showing his anger.

"I will get you back" he spoke in a determined voice with a smirk on his face.


Really sorry for the late update

Was not have any holiday from college after sept 2

And the next holiday is oct 2

So the updates will be a little irregular but will be there

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