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   Chapter 16 escape

His Personal Seductress By Prathyusha Eluri Characters: 4157

Updated: 2019-09-02 08:00

Ashley wore the dress given by Arnold and she saw herself in the mirror. She was indeed looking hot and like a sex bomb who is ready to explode. She smirked to herself when she remembered her plan, she then wore a long coat-like shrug on her dress and came out from her room.

"Which room will I use?" she spoke when she reached the living hall and saw Arnold sitting facing his back to her. Listening to her voice, he turned towards her with a smirk, but his smirk was gone when he saw her in a long shrug. He looked at her and found her smirking and looking at him with a crossed smile on her face

"what happened, Arnold? Are you speechless looking at me?" she asked him still with a smirk and this time he smirked at her and this made her confused.

"its sir baby… you should call me sir and when we are in bed or the action, I prefer daddy" he spoke, and she looked at him with a weird face. This person who is in front of her asked her to call him with his name during their sex and now he wants her to call him daddy. She composed herself and smiled at Arnold

"sure I am used to calling you sir but daddy is reserved for the person who is the father of my kids but not you" she spoke and saw his posture getting changed in a second

t plan any escape, but this made her laugh. She saw the height from his balcony and saw that it is one-floor height. Seeing the height, she smirked to herself, she went inside the bedroom again to his closet. She opened it and was shocked to see her clothes there.

She then took a small bag and packed her clothes and then she changed her clothes also. She then picked the cards which Arnold gave her and she moved towards the balcony door. She jumped from the balcony but landed safely on the ground due to her FBI training. She then moved towards the main wall and climbed it easily. She never knew that escaping form that house will be that easy. To confuse Arnold, she used his card to book a flight ticket to New York but then she used outside ticket booking centers to book a ticket to Virginia using the cash she has.

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