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   Chapter 14 new life

His Personal Seductress By Prathyusha Eluri Characters: 4500

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"The case is defamation case on Ms. Ashley Conor by Mr. Arnold Blackwood which states that she intentionally defamed his image by imparting false allegations on him" the judge in the court spoke looking at the file of the case.

"any defender from Ms. Conor side?" the judge asked looking towards the group of attorneys sitting in the courtroom. No one raises their hand which made the judge shocked

"there is no defender from FBI because no FBI agent will take action on any criminal without submitting the proofs against the accused… since there is no defender this case will be dismissed because there is no solid proof that this case in favor of Mr. Arnold" the judge spoke making all of them shocked. Generally, if there is no defender from one side, then automatically the winner will be the other side.

"but judge, I have a proof that the case is in favor of my client" the defender from Arnold side spoke making the judge stop his judgment.

"then please submit it to the court" the judge spoke and waited till the attorney showed the evidence

"judge what else you need when there is no proof supporting that her allegations on my client are true then what else you need" the attorney spoke and the judge looked at him with a smile

"you are right, then how can FBI arrest a person without proper evidence… I can give judgment

pulled her into his lap in the car. She gasped by his sudden act but moaned when he rubbed his manhood on her core.

"so this is the reason I came here" he spoke, started to kiss her on her lips while she sat on his lap without responding to his kiss. Sensing this he entered his hands inside her core easily as she was wearing a skirt. This action of his made he gasp and then she started responding to the kiss unable to control the pleasure she is getting.

Soon he is thumping his manhood into her core while she was now facing the car front side sitting in his lap. His thumps were making her bounce in the car which in turn was making her breasts to bounce more. This was making Arnold crazy as he saw her breasts bouncing in the mirror.

"From now you will be my sex slave" he spoke after getting dressed and he didn't allow her to get dressed showing his complete dominance on her.

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