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Its been one month since Ashley joined the company and she is professional in her duties. Arnold and Ashely were sexually active in the office and the nights. Today is the day when a new secretary for Arnold is going to join the company. Mrs. Williams selected the candidate after conductions continuous interviews for one month which is the longest because she wants a perfect one for the post.

"so today you are going to resign?" Mrs. Williams asked Ashley once she saw Ashley entering her cabin. Ashley looked at Mrs. Williams confused.

"Today is the joining date of the new secretary for Mr. Blackwood" Mrs. Williams spoke making Ashley shocked and she looked at her with a dumb look.

"it completely skipped my mind" Ashley spoke, and Mrs. Williams nodded her head at her.

"as you reminded me then I think I have to prepare my resignation by the end of the day" Ashley spoke with a thoughtful look on her face.

"anyway besides that I came here to know about the details of this project with Mr. Richards" Ashley asked Mrs. Williams and she nodded her head at Ashley and explained the details.

"so you mean to say that every meeting related to this project should be held in New York, " Ashley asked with a confused face and when Mrs. Williams nodded her head, Ashley became more confused

"I don't understand the meaning here, the more profit in this project with be for his company and Blackwood corp will face loss then why did he accept this

she spoke to him and soon they exchanged pleasantries

"Ms. Conor please explain her the duties she needs to perform" Arnold spoke to Ashley who nodded her head. They both went away from his cabin towards her cabin

"this is Ashley" she introduced herself with a smile on her face

"this is daisy" she also introduced herself with a handshake and then Ashley explained her all the duties.

Soon it is the end of the day, Ashley entered Arnold cabin to see him engrossed in his work. She cleared her throat making him glance at her

"yes" he spoke to her encouraging her to continue. She took a deep breath and then gave him the envelope of her resignation. He took the envelope and when he read the subject of the letter, he looked at her with an angry look.

"What is this?" he asked her to which she smiled at him

"my resignation as you got a new assistant now me being here will create unnecessary chaos" she spoke and the next act of his made her shocked.

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