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   Chapter 9 he is dominating

His Personal Seductress By Prathyusha Eluri Characters: 5298

Updated: 2019-07-27 13:31

"Now it is my turn to show you what is called as teasing" he spoke looking into her eyes with a smirk on her face. She looked at him with a sexy look

"let's see" she spoke to instigate him further and he indeed got in her trap making her tremble on her knees as he pinched her nipple in between his two fingers.

"let's get into work now" he spoke and removed his hand from her body and he settled on his chair again. She looked at him with a stunned look which made me smirk

"what Ms. Conor are you expecting something?" he asked her and she glared at him but then nodded her head in no.

"I would like you to collect the information about my pa post from Mrs. Williams till I prepare for the meetings" he spoke and she composed herself and nodded her head at him.

"I think you are not dumb Ms. Conor" he spoke as he knew that she can't speak right now because she is near the verge of orgasm and her voice now will be rasp.

"I am not dumb sir and I will report your progress soon sir" she spoke and moved out from his cabin. She pressed her back to his cabin door when she came out to control herself. She moved to her cabin to wear the jacket so that no one else sees her in this dress.

"good morning Mrs. Williams" she spoke greeting Mrs. Williams who was doing her work with a frown on her face. Seeing Ashley she smiled

"good morning Ms. Conor and what work brings you here?" she asked Ashely who asked her about the progress in return.

"I don't understand this when you are still working here then what is the need for him to have another secretary" Mrs. Wi

and nothing should distract you" he spoke and she nodded her head again unable to speak. He moved his hand on her thighs sensually making her grip her pen in his tight grip. He then moved his hand towards her core and when his hands touched her core he looked at her with shocked expressions.

He felt her bare core which means that she is not wearing panty and this made his work easier. He started to move his finger in circles around her core which made her moan lightly

"we don't want them to know that we are having this here do we?" he spoke in her ears nibbling her ear lobe to which she suppressed her moan and nodded her head in no.

He started to move his had faster on her clit making her near to orgasm. She closed her eyes and pressed her lips tighter to suppress her moans. When he felt that she is ready to explode he removed his hand from her core and then focussed on meeting as if nothing happened there. She looked at him with a shocked face and her deep breaths showed that she is high on her place and wants release immediately.

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