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   Chapter 6 get together sex

His Personal Seductress By Prathyusha Eluri Characters: 3958

Updated: 2019-07-07 18:42

Arnold made Ashley sit in his car passenger seat while he was driving the car himself. Ashley was being reserved with him which is making him more furious as of now because the Ashley he knew was not at all like that and she was a more outspoken person. He glanced at her and then again concentrated on the road.

"can you tell me where you live exactly?" he asked her to get her to speaking to which she glanced at him

"sure, it's two streets down from here, " she told him her address making him nod his head. He then increased the speed to reach the house soon.

Soon he parked the car out of an apartment where she is having a rented flat. She then looked at him

"I will be right back" she spoke and was about to move out from the car when he held her hand making her turn towards him. He pulled her hand making her land on him with her free hand on his chest and his free one on her waist.

"don't pack more outfits just some work ones will be fine, and all your remaining clothes will be sorted out" he spoke and pecked her lips making her frozen. She looked at him with an open mouth but his peck on it again made her close her mouth in a second.

"now are you going

ll in the shocked tone making him look at her in a daze

"you remember too?" he asked and she nodded her head making him smirk. He then parked the car on the roadside making her confused.

"so let's repeat it?" he asked her but before she could reply he kissed her on her lips making her tremble but she gained her posture and kissed him back with more fervor. He then started to unbutton her clothes along with kissing her. Soon they shifted to back seat of the car with their clothes on the floor of the car and soon they had their much-needed sex after their sexual tension from the morning.

"I think we should head home and then we will continue this again" Arnold spoke and she nodded her head in yes. He wore his tracks and she wore her dress and soon they reached his house.

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