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   Chapter 5 she fell for the trap

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Arnold POV

"Mrs. William I need you to conduct the interview for my assistant on my behalf I will monitor from my cabin" I spoke to her while still looking at my files on the table making her gasp

"are you sure sir because every time you are the one that conducts these interviews and then selects one who you think is suitable for you" she spoke looking at me with a confused look while I smiled at her.

"indeed, you are right but this time I want you to select them as I want a person who will be dedicated to work rather than my body" I spoke and she looked at me with a glare on her face

"you do remember that I can forward these words to your mother" she tried to threaten me which made me laugh

"and I also knew that you don't do it because you love me" I winked at her to which she shook her head at me and then left from my cabin. She is like a mentor for me in this business and helped me from the point where I started working as CEO. She has been working in our company from the past 20 years where she met mom and they both were now besties.

'I am going to initiate the interviews and I hope you like my selection' I got a mail from Mrs. William and I continued to do my work i.e. signing the deals and attending meetings.

'I selected a candidate as your assistant named Ms. Ashley Conor, she is enthusiastic to join today itself, so I don't think it will be a problem to you' I got another email from Mrs. William after my meeting with Mr. Browns, quoting that the new assistant is working from today.

'fine Mrs. William if she wants you can send her to my cabin' I responded to her email. I then sat in my cabin waiting for the new assistant thinking about the deal discussion I had with Mr. Browns just now. This deal is making me wrecked up and will have to do something to have things in my way.

My thoughts were disturbed due to knock on the door which is followed by a female voice asking for my consent to enter inside which was given by me and then the door opened slowly.

There stood a girl in her black colored skirt with long sleeve white colored shirt and her hair open making her face glow. There is a tattoo on her left wrist making me go back to some memories which I can't remember correctly but her face is familiar to me

"good afternoon sir this is Ashley Conor designated as your PA by Mrs. Williams" she spoke looking at me with a slight smile on her face and her voice made me remember memories which still blurred.

"good afternoon Ms. Conor and yes I was knowledgeable about your intake and now I need you to find out the things which you have to do as my assistant" I spoke to her still thinking about where I saw her before.

"sure, thing sir" she spoke and took out her notepad to note the things that I am going to tell her

"first thing you have to reach before me daily and prepare my coffee and schedule of the day even before I come, then you have to give me a constant reminder about the meetings that day and also accompany me to outdoor meetings and I want you to take notes of important points in each meeting" I spoke all the words walking around her while she is standing in front of my table. Seeing her this close and the curves of her body made me had a boner immediately.

She is so much sexy, and I sure want to have her in my bed one day… bed wait I saw her in bed somewhere and as far as I remember that I didn't sleep with tattoo girls any near which means that she is someone from my past.

"anything else sir" she spoke interrupting my session of admiring her ass and thinking of where I saw her. She looked at me with her stare which is also looking familiar to me where did I see her?

Wait I rememb

ered she is one that I slept with in New York three years ago. She is the one who challenged me to sleep with her and she is the one who is the feistiest girl I slept, and she is the one with whom I enjoyed the sex to my content. Such a small world I think she didn't recognize me, so this game will be awesome now. I will seduce her to such an extent that she will beg me to sleep with her again.

"for present nothing but I have one work for you to do so now" I replied to her earlier question with a smirk on my face and sat in my seat to cover my boner to which she was confused. She then nodded her head

"go to Mrs. Williams and tell her to advertise that we need a new PA for me" I spoke to her and she looked at me with a shocked expression

"but sir I was appointed today only" she spoke and let me tell you that after I remembered her memories her voice is sounding sexy and I just want to fuck her right now, but I can't think the game is going to get very interesting now

"don't worry about your job Ms. Conor you will have it only if you agree to some conditions of mine" I spoke with a neutral face this time making her halt in her actions, but she nodded her head again

"I don't think you are dumb" I spoke making her shiver in her place and this made me satisfied that she is starting to get afraid of me

"no sir and yes what are your conditions sir?" she enquired me, and I looked at her this time

"first from now you will be my PS but not my PA and the newly appointed person will be my only PA, and second I want you to shift with me to my house as you are my PS now I need you around me 24*7 so that I can discuss about business whenever I can and do all the things fast" I spoke to her and she looked shocked due to my conditions.

"Sir what is PS and what is the need for me to shift with you?" she asked me, and I glared at her

"Ms. Conor, I am not answerable to all your questions and now if you want to have this job then do these conditions otherwise you can leave now and don't worry shifting means, not in my room but you will be in another part of my house" I spoke so that she would agree

"sir can I have time to think about this?" she asked me and I nodded my head at her

"you may leave now and ask Mrs. Williams to show your cabin and by evening I need answer to my conditions and please ask Ms. Bentley to come to my cabin right now" I dismissed her from my cabin and then after some time there is a knock and then entered Ms. Bentley who is my fuck buddy in office.

"Sir did you call me?" she asked me with a smile on her lips making her look sexy and I moved my seat a little away from the table

"I think you had some business here to take care of" I spoke pointing at my boner to which she smirked and then came near me removing her top and skirt leaving her in only her undergarments.

"I would love to take care of this business anytime" she spoke and removed my trousers and boxers from me and started to suck my boner making me groan. Soon we were deprived of clothes and I fucked her.

Soon it was evening and I winded up my work and was about to go when I head a knock on my cabin and I permitted the person to enter inside. The person is Ashley and she is looking at me with a nervous face

"what is it, Ms. Conor?" I asked her while folding my hands on my chest making me look intimidating.

"sir about your conditions I accept them" she spoke, and I smirked at her

"sure, then let's go to your house and get your things which are needed for now and I will tell my men to bring the remaining" I spoke to her keeping my excitement at the edge.

"ok, sir" she spoke and we both moved towards her house in my car.

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