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   Chapter 4 is it only for one night

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Tring Tring

I groaned as I heard my alarm sound snoozing it I sat on my bed and the covers fell off from me and that is when I felt cold air touching my bare skin which made me feel odd. So, I looked at my body to find it naked and the cold air is directly touching my body making me tremble with numbness.

I looked here and there to remember the surroundings and I took a breath of relief when I saw that I am in my room itself. Then I looked around the room to find any traces of the person who did this to me but there is nothing but there are tablets with a glass of water on the bedside table along with a note.

I took the tablet which is aspirin and swallowed it along with water for my hangover which is going to surface anytime soon. Then I took the note and opened it

Last night was true wow

You are best, and I would like to continue things with you but right now I am busy and need to head out but see you soon


I read the note, and this made me confused that who is this A that I didn't even remember his name. I was brought out from my thoughts when my mobile rang which caught my attention. I saw that it was a call from Sam and this made me smile and I answered the call and even before I could ask her about anything yesterday she spoke

"I am so sorry Ashley yesterday we left from the club so early because of this stupid Justin and his hormones and I hope you reached home soon and you are fine now" her words made me realize that even she didn't know how I got here but what I am sure is I came here with someone and that someone is the one who had sex with me and even I can't blame him completely for that

"Ashley are you there?" her words brought me again from my thoughts

"yeah I am fine Sam don't worry and I am in my house only and please come to my place right now as I need help in loading all the things to the transporter" I spoke, and she confirmed her visit along with Justin and disconnected the call.

I then went inside my washroom to freshen myself where I found a t-shirt which is not mine. I took it and examined it to find that belongs to a man and I think it belongs to the person who was with me last night. I turned on the shower and the cold water hit me bringing the night memories to my mind.

He took me to the dance floor where 'love me like you do' is playing and this made him hold my waist near to his body while my hands were around his neck. I started to hum the lyrics while he started to trace his hands all over my back.

"don't you think you are moving your hands often?" I asked him with a smirk but me being drunk made it look like a sexy smirk

"I don't think your body-mind it because it is showing the reaction I want" saying this he pinched my lower waist which made me moan a little and him to smirk

"see I told you no one can resist my charm" he spoke bosting himself which made me roll my eyes at him and then I was about to entangle myself from him when he pulled me closer and nibbled my ears

"why fight the attraction… enjoy it" he spoke in his husky voice and he bites my earlobe making me moan again. This boy seriously knew how to get a woman on her knees. I encircled my hands tighter around his neck and pulled his face closer to me

"then show me what you can do?" I spoke, and he got the signal he needed which made him kiss me on my lips directly. I started to respond to his kiss almost immediately. He pulled my lower part closer to his which made me moan and he groans in the kiss. He broke t

he kiss a little later when we are breathless.

"so, where your house or mine?" he asked me, and I grinned at him showing my house keys while he gave me a smirk. He held my hand and moved us out of the club

"Hey, wait what is your name?" I asked him, and he looked at him with an irritated face

"is it necessary now?" he asked me while opening his car door and I nodded my head at him settling in his car. He turned the engine on and started to pull out of the parking

"Arnold" he spoke and then he moved closer to my ear

"and I would love to hear my name from your mouth when I move inside you with both my hands and my junior" he spoke huskily and again bit my earlobe making me wet while made me release a moan

"so, what is yours?" he asked me after I told him about my address

"Ashley" I spoke and went closer to his ears just like he did to me

"and even I would love to hear you moaning my name when I have my ways with you using my mouth" I spoke huskily in his ears and I heard a groan from him which made me smirk at him

"you are going to pay for this" he spoke and increased his speed to reach my house fast and indeed he reached my house in less than 10 minutes which is 20 minutes distance. We both got down from the car and went inside my house locking it with his leg as he already started to kiss me. He pulled my red colored dress away from my body and then he saw that I am not wearing any bra which made him smirk

"so already prepared?" he asked and without giving me a chance to speak he started to kiss my breasts which made me moan and we shifted ourselves to the bedroom and he directly took me to the shower room and then removed his t-shirt and threw it on the bathroom floor and we had sex in the washroom and which is followed by one on bed.

"oh my god, I am the one who led him to my house" I spoke to myself and right now I am angry on myself for doing that.

A stand for Arnold and who is this guy with whom I did it and thank god that I am on my pills which means that I am safe but who is this mystery man all I remember of him as he was having a girl on his lap when we entered the club.

I came out of the shower and got ready for my shifting. Later Sam and Justin came to help me which I am grateful of and I didn't disclose to them about my one night stand because I don't want Sam to tease me to no extent as I am the one who told her 'even if he is the last person on earth I won't have sex with him' and right now I did that.

Soon all my things were loaded, and I kept his t-shirt also with me so that I can remember my mistake whenever I see that t-shirt and be careful.

"take care of yourself and please call regularly" Sam spoke, and her voice is verge on tears which made me smile and hug her

"sure, I will take care of myself and will call regularly and even you have to take care of yourself" I spoke to her and she nodded her head at me. I broke my hug with her and moved to Justin and hugged him

"take care of yourself and that stupid women but one suggestion, I have to tell you something, don't ask me anything about it but don't leave Sam in her shift alone be with her all the time" I spoke in his ears so that Sam couldn't hear my words. Justin broke the hug and looked at me with a confused face and he was about to speak something when I shook my head which made him sigh.

"fine but you have to explain later" he spoke, and I nodded my head. Soon I said them goodbye and left from the place

Goodbye New York

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