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   Chapter 3 meeting him

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"are you guys not ready yet?" Justin shouted from living room making both of us roll our eyes. This is nearly thousandth time that he spoke this sentence from the past half an hour. He dressed up fast and now he wants us, girls, to come out fast. We were about to finish just some little touch up is left I adored myself in a back dress which ends in my middle thigh with netted material on shoulders while Sam just wore a red dress till her knees and she is looking stunning with those red colored lipgloss which made her more attractive.

I turned towards the mirror and did my makeup and I word I looked sexy because of the dress and also because of my makeup. The dress fits my curves perfectly and even making my butt and breasts more prominent. Sam looked at me after my makeup and she just gave a nod and this is enough to tell you that you are looking bomb.

"you know you can tell me that I am looking delicious" I spoke adjusting my hair and then taking my clutch in my hands from the drawer.

"you wish" she spoke with rudeness in her voice but there is a smile on her face which made me smile too.

"you should always tell the truth sam" I spoke to her with a smirk on my face and she gave a blank look

"you won't be able to listen to the truth I want to say" she spoke with a blank look and this made me laugh and I was about to reply to her when we heard Justin voice again which made us laugh and we both went down.

"Jesus finally you both came" he spoke raising his hands in the air in frustration.

"be thankful that we came early" I spoke to him with a sarcastic smile on my face

"yes taking two hours to get ready is definitely early" he spoke giving me a smug look which made both of us laugh.

"leave that and tell us how are we looking?" I asked pointing at me and sam. He then looked at sam from top to bottom and then he glanced at me

"I am not sure about you but today sam is going to have a long night" Justin spoke and his words made Sam blush and I roll my eyes.

"ok fine I don't want to know about deep details so please let's move" Sam spoke with the blush still on her face but glared at Justin who blew a kiss at her.

Soon we reached the night club where already people are wasting themselves in alcohol and dancing. We showed our id passes to them, of course, fake id as we are still minors. We heard loud music blaring inside the club with all of them on the dance floor.

"Shall we head to the bar?"Justin asked us pointing towards the bar area which is not so filled with people there. We three went there and ordered our drinks. We waited for them to arrive which gave me a chance to check out the hot guys around the club.

"well he is hot" Sam spoke pointing at the guy who is sitting at the end of the bar and enjoying his drink with a girl on his lap. Seeing him I made a face

"well he is hot but he is enjoying with that girl in his lap in a public place so he is not my type" I spoke shrugging my shoulders which made her look at me with shock

"come on Ashley you can't say that as you are not the person on his lap" she spoke giving me a knowing look making me spill my drink

"seriously you think of me like that and even if he is the last person on the earth then also I won't sleep with him" I spoke giving he

r a sarcastic smile and again we started to enjoy our drink. After some drinks, we both were sober yet drunk and Justin took Sam for dance while I still sat at the bar.

"may I have a dance with this beautiful lady here?" I heard a husky voice in my ear which made me look at the source and I found the same man who enjoyed with the girl standing close to me.

"no" I spoke looking at him with an angry look and he smirked seeing my angry glare.

"and may I know the reason?" he asked me with a smile on his face and the smile on his face made him look more handsome than he is. I was about to smile at him but then changed my expression to normal and looked at the dance floor to see Sam and Justin missing and I know they must be somewhere here around the corner.

"there should be a reason when a sexy lady like you ignore a hot boy like me" I heard his husky and sexy voice again but this time it was closer than the previous one and this made me turn towards him in a millisecond to find his face only to find his face closer to mine

"there is a reason I don't like young guys" I spoke after I recovered from the intense look and listening to my words he looked at me with a confused look.

"wait let me explain I don't have a thing for kids who are younger than me" I spoke looking at him with a sweet smile

"so what who told you that I am younger than you?" he asked me with a still confused look on his face making me smile sweetly again as we do to the small kids

"you" I spoke shrugging my shoulders and he looked more confused now

"as you said before I am a lady meaning I am elder and you are a boy which means you are younger" I spoke with a knowing look on my face and after listening to my words he looked at me with a shocked face

"beauty with brains" he spoke after a minute of silence making me look a him

"no drunk beauty kicking some ass of a stupid" I spoke and stood from my place and was about to move when suddenly I stumbled on my steps

Excuse my drunk body for making me landed directly in the lap of that stupid who was sitting beside me till now

"babe if you want to sit on my lap then all you have to do is say" he spoke encircling hands around my waist making me apply more pressure on his lap.

"leave me" I started to wriggle in his lap but instead he made his hold tighter on me and this made me look at him with an angry look

"I will leave you only if you agree to dance with me" he spoke and looked at me with a smirk making me roll my eyes again

"fine suit yourself" I spoke and sat on his lap properly making myself comfortable and applying more pressure so that I directly sit on his main part. I started to move slowly grinding him making him groan and tighten his hold on me

"babe if you don't stop now you will be punished for doing that and the punishment will be spanking your ass and many more" he spoke huskily in my ear making me moan slightly but as his words registered in my mind I started to wriggle again as my plan backfired on me.

"if you want to get up from here we will only when you will agree to dance with me" he spoke again and not having any other option I agreed to dance with him and he grinned looking at me. He then made me stand on my feet and we both moved towards the dance floor.

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