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   Chapter 2 friends

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The next morning, I slept till 11 in the morning as I don't have to go to that stupid restaurant and that stupid boss again. What does he think of himself that he will behave like that with me and then I will co-operate with him? When I woke up from his sleep I saw that my mobile is blinking continuously with notifications which made me curious. So, I took the mobile and checked the notifications to see that they were calls and messages from Sam and Justin. I must have guessed it that there is no one who can think of me except them.

I was brought out from my thoughts when I received a call again on my mobile which made me look at the screen to find it is a call from Sam again. This time I answered their call

"where the hell are you and what do you think of yourself" I heard her shouts even before I answer their call and listening to the worry in her eyes made me smile

"and now why the hell are you silent speak up damn it" I heard her shout which made me come out from my thoughts

"I will only speak when I have the freedom of speech in front of you" I spoke to her in my playful voice and heard her shouting at me again for my playful banter

"ok fine let me get serious" I spoke and waited for her reply but all I got his just her sigh which is indeed an indication to me that she is ready to listen to me.

"I quit the job yesterday" I spoke and listened to her gasp from another side

"and before you question me the reason let me inform you in advance that this is not the decision taken in haste and rage… I wanted to quit for a long time and then also I didn't because it is paying me but now I decided it is high time and I want to move on from life and since my high school is over I am moving from New York" I cut her words and spoke so that she listens to my words. I know telling her the truth about the boss is wrong but telling her will create more problems as Justin and Sam are completely dependent on this job and even I am, but I can survive outside with my business management degree that I received less than a month ago.

Maybe I will get a nice job and salary once I move away from this place. The main and the other reason for t

his decision is that I wanted to live in the city where my parents grew up and fell in love with each other. The city full of love according to me and the city full of happiness i.e. Washington.

"are you serious?" I heard Sam voice bringing me out of my thoughts and then I explained to her about the things about my parents and after some time she agreed.

"so, when is the day that you are shifting?" she asked me and that is when I know that I am screwed in her hands

"actually tomorrow" I spoke and closed my eyes ready to listen to her words when I heard the ting sound indicating me that the call is over. I dialed her number again, but she didn't receive the call, and this made me feel like the silence before the storm. Leaving all my thoughts at the back of my head right now I started to pack my things and when I saw my things there are only a few pairs of clothes and then some daily essentials and photo frames of my parents and mine from childhood before their death.

The house bell rang at the same time which made me startle in a second, making me move towards the main door. Opening the door, I saw my two friends standing there with glare on their faces. I gave them a sheepish smile to cool them but instead, I have shoved away from my place and they both entered my house making me open my mouth in shock

Best friends

"so now tell me when you think you are going to say that you were moving out?" Sam asked me still looking at me as if she will kill me now.

"Maybe after I am done with moving?" I gave them a questioning look and in return, I got another glare from them making me shut my mouth.

"ok, so all the packing is done?" Justin enquired me, and this made me look at him and I just nodded my head to him making him shrug his shoulders.

Rude much!!

"since you have already decided to move out let's have a good-bye party for one last time" Justin spoke after some time and I looked at Sam for her answer

"I am in" she spoke with a grin on her face and thank god that her glare had gone from her face.

"ok then even I am in" I spoke to them and moved towards my bedroom with Sam and as we must get ready for clubbing.

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