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   Chapter 1 assault

His Personal Seductress By Prathyusha Eluri Characters: 5899

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"good morning mike" I shouted to the owner of the restaurant where I work as I entered the restaurant. He looked at me and then waved me a hi and then went back to his work. I then went inside the kitchen where Sam and Justin are working to get the necessities prepared but when I entered the kitchen I found them kissing each other and Justin is pushing his tongue into her mouth.

"oh Jesus, spare my innocent eyes" I shouted covering my eyes and due to the voice, they both broke apart from each other which I understood by the groan from Justin.

"can I open my eyes now?" I asked them to suppress my giggles imagining Justin irritated face now.

"yes, you can and let me tell you that eyes of yours are anything but innocent and should I remember you about the things you do in the club once you get drunk" Justin spoke as I opened my eyes and listening to his words I laughed at him

"just accept Justin that you are jealous that I am not giving any attention to you with my wonderful and sexy looks" I spoke flipping my hairs from my shoulders and indeed

"seriously then you are very wrong babe because all the attention I want is only from Sam" he spoke and again kissed her on her lips to which she too responded immediately.

"please complete the business that you both started and then please clean the kitchen and prepare some food" I shouted on my back for them as I exited the kitchen and I smiled when I heard Justin shouting thanks.

I am a wild cat if I get drunk while I am shy one in normal state. Justin is the one who had to always take care of me during the club nights as I will be dancing with each one of the guys that came near me and even sometimes it leads to one-night stands too.

Justin and Sam are the people who are close to me and they are there with me from the start of my job in this restaurant and did I forget to mention that it's been two years that I am working here. My parents died when I am 10 years old and I was brought up in an orphanage after that, but I shifted out of the orphanage when I reached high school and from then I am working here to maintain my expenses. Justin and Sam met each other during their high school and from then they are lovers and now they both were the chef in the restaurant.

I started to clean all the tables and make the restaurant look presentable to the customers. Soon they started to fill in and the daily work starts. After my shift, I went to my locker to change my dress and that's when I saw Sam looking at me with a guilty face and I very well know that face

"don't even as I am not going to do it" I spoke to her giving her a glare but listening to my words she gave me a pout

"don't even do that I am not Justin to fall for those puppy eyes" I spoke, and she then gave an annoyed glance

"I am not asking you to do anything which you can't do" she spoke, and I gave a sigh and then looked at her with an angry face

"this is the la

st time I am taking your shift because I can't spoil my night so that you can go home and have sex with your boyfriend" I spoke and then left from there to sit at the cashier position and continue her shift. After some time both Sam and Justin left from the restaurant waving me a bye, but I just showed them my middle finger in response.

I started to scroll my mobile to have some time pass and as it is night time and a weekday, so the rush is less, and you can say that there is only me and mike in the restaurant right now. I don't know what is wrong with mike nowadays he is always forcing me or Sam to have a night shift which is mostly taken by Justin so that we can reach home safely before it is late.

I suddenly felt someone hand on my shoulder making me jerk in my seat and I turned to the source to see mike there.

"oh god mike what is wrong with you? you startled me" I asked him and in return, he just kept looking at me with a grin which made me shift on my legs. I tried to move from there, but he held my hand

"finally, I got you alone and I am had been waiting for this from a long time" his slurred speech proved that he is drunk so thinking that it is better to deal with him sweetly I held his hand which is on my wrist and removed it slowly

"mike what are you saying?" I asked him sweetly and that is when I saw that his other hand was trying to hold something behind my back and I turned to look at it but was horrified to learn that he is trying to catch hold of my skirt that ended at my knees. Before I could react, he got hold of it and his hands landed on my bare thighs, I struggled in his grip and that is when I realized that his other hand is on my waist.

"mike what are you doing?" I asked still struggling in his arms to which he gave me an angry glare and then he removed his hands from my thighs and before I could take a sigh of relief he lifted me in his arms and then took me to his cabin and locked the door. I then understood his thoughts and then started to move away from him while he smirked at me and started to remove his shirt. When he was done with his shirt he moved closer to me and held me again by my waist and this time his other hand landed straight on my core and this made me more horrified.

Unable to tolerate his hands on my feminine part I took all my courage and then kicked him in his balls.

"fuck" he cursed under his breath and taking this as a chance I ran out from his cabin and locked the door from outside. I know he had his cabin keys with him, so it won't take him more time to come back so I took my belongings and ran out of the restaurant in a span of two minutes. I hired a taxi and went back to my room and that is when all started to rewind in my brain and indeed I am happy that I escaped kicked him in his balls but angry on myself that I didn't see it coming but overall what I concluded is I am jobless right now and need to search a new one.

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