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   Chapter 20 You're Mine.

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Addie sat beside me on the couch, munching away at a bag of M&Ms as she eyed me closely.

I tucked my knees to my chest and pretended like I didn't notice, instead focusing my attention on the muted TV in front of us.

The lady reporter stared seriously at the screen, her entire face tense and uneasy. I glanced at the subtitles. Apparently, a crime syndicate leader was released from prison a few months ago. His current whereabouts were unknown, but they had a good guess that his operations were located in the nearby city three hours away from here. My eyebrows rose.

"Are you dating Noah?" Addie suddenly asked.

I blinked. "Um...N-No?"

"Because if you were, I'd totally be okay with it." She narrowed her eyes. "Do you do drugs?"



I shook my head wildly.

"Do you sneak out like he does?"

I hesitated. "Um..."

"Stop pestering her, Addie, " Noah muttered, reentering the room with water bottles and chips. "And stop eating that trash before dinner." He snatched Addie's bag of candy and handed her Chex-Mix instead.

She wrinkled her nose and stuck out her tongue. "This is the gross kind! It doesn't have any M&Ms in it!"

"I don't want Auntie coming after me if I spoil your dinner."

Addie groaned but opened the bag.

Noah sat down beside me, and I shot him a small smile. "Forgive my little cousin, " he muttered just loud enough for Addie to hear. "She was dropped on her head as a baby."

"Was not!" Addie shrieked from my other side. "Stop telling people that!"

Noah shrugged and popped open a bag of chips, shaking it invitingly towards me. "It's the truth. Darren used you for basketball practice."

"You liar!" Addie jumped up and glared at Noah. "He never played basketball!"

I frowned. "Who's Darren?"

At this, Noah faltered. He and Addie exchanged glances, and Addie's expression softened. "My mom's ex-boyfriend, " she mumbled before flinging herself back on the couch. She crossed her arms and glared at the TV. "He was a prick."

My eyebrows jumped, but Noah just grimaced. Rubbing the back of his neck, he stared at his shoes as his mouth opened and closed. "My aunt is a single mom. Darren was an ex she had year or so ago." He gave me a meaningful look, and I sucked in a small breath. I looked back to Addie, suddenly curious about how much she knew.

"I made her dump him, " Addie smirked and tipped her chin skyward. "And by the Grace of Satan, he got hit by a bus a week later."

"Addie!" Noah snapped.

"What?" Addie rolled her eyes. "It wasn't by the Grace of God, that's for sure. It was a stupid miracle he survived."

"Addie, stop it." Noah straightened in his seat, glaring across me to Addie. "He may have been a prick but he took care of you. He took care of your mom, too."

Addie jumped onto her knees and balled her hands into fists. "Don't defend him!" She screamed. "Don't you ever defend him!"

Addie jumped from the couch and fled the room, slamming the door behind her.

Noah sighed heavily and sank back against the pillows. He ran a hand threw his hair, tugging like he wanted to rip it out.

I hesitated. "What was that about?" I asked cautiously. "It's none of my business so I completely understand if you don't - "

"No, " Noah muttered. He dropped his hand across his eyes. "It's fine. You're my friend." With a heavy sigh, he began.

"My aunt got pregnant with Addie when I was a kid. My parents hadn' parents didn't care about her. My mom was - is her sister, but always said she was a disgrace to have gotten pregnant alone and still

to grip the phone with both hands to keep it from slipping.

There was a momentary silence, then - "Yes."

The room spun. I landed hard against a counter and gripped the cool marble with shaking knuckles. "Do you know Leo?" I blurted.

Another chuckle had my molars grinding together. "I hired him, Hanna. And he will do anything I say. But you already knew that, didn't you?"

Leo's taunting smirk filled my vision and my stomach knotted. Bile burned my tongue and I suddenly couldn't breathe.

Keep it together. I begged myself. Just a little longer. Keep it together!

"You have one chance, " my voice shook violently and my knees buckled. "To tell me who you are and what you want."

A silence spanned between us. Every second that passed sent my heart palpitating against my ribcage.

"Your mother thought she could hide you from me, " he hissed so suddenly I jumped. "She thought she could steal you away from me. Me. The one who brought you into this world."

The blood drained from my face. I stared wide-eyed into oblivion, the world around me turning to fuzz as he spoke again.

"But I'm back, Hanna. And I'm getting what I deserve. I'm coming for you."

"No." I breathed.

He laughed. "Yes, my dear. Leo should have told you already, but in case it slipped from that pretty little head of yours, I will say it again." His voice darkened to a deadly rumble. "You will be mine, Hanna. And if you insist on resisting I will take away everything and everyone you love. I will rip you from your friends, your mother, any life you have here. You are mine, Hanna." His words hollowed me. "It would be a shame if the people in your life started to disappear. Starting with that little girl who's currently standing behind you."

I spun around. Addie stood there, her brow furrowed in concern. All the breath left my body as I whirled back, searching- the blinds on one of the windows was pulled open.

I flew across the room and yanked them closed, nearly knocking them off their tracks.

"You stay away from her!" I screamed into the phone. "Stay away from me! Don't - don't - Where are you?!"

"It's too late, Hanna. You're already mine."

He hung up.

I swayed, the world collapsing around me into blind panic.


I managed to turn around. Noah stood there, arm around Addie and frowning at me, his eyes heavy in concern. "What's wrong?"

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