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   Chapter 19 Just Him

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The night air whipped against my face, tossing my hair and chilling the tear tracks on my cheeks.

I looked out at all the darkened houses, suddenly feeling alone and isolated. Where could I go now? The anger that sent me barreling from my house seemed to die the instant the door slammed shut behind me.

But I couldn't turn back. I couldn't face her again.

I gripped the strap of my bag tighter, took a deep breath, and started to walk down the street. I didn't know where I was going. I just needed to leave.

Just like how Leo had said, I would endanger everyone around me just by being there.

I squeezed my eyes shut and choked back a sob, my knees quaking beneath me.


I spun around, stumbling over my shoes as the front door to one of the houses flew open. A woman in her early fifties stood in the threshold, her auburn hair streaked with grey and twisted into a loose knot.

I watched her hurry down the steps, tugging her nightgown tighter around her. "Oh dear, " she tutted, shaking her head at me. "Tell me that boy didn't leave you!"

I blinked. She came to a halt before me and I suddenly recognized her face as Ms. Honnenberg, my old baby sitter.

"What?" I choked.

Ms. Honnenberg huffed and gestured around us. "That boy who parks in front of my house whenever you're sneaking back home!"

I gasped when I realized who she was talking about. Noah. She was talking about Noah. I glanced around and realized: yes, Noah did stop here before I got out.

I managed a weak smile and shook my head. "No, Ms. Honnenberg. We aren't-"

"Good, good. I haven't seen such affection in you youngsters in years."

I hesitated. "What do you mean, affection?"

"Chivalry Hanna! Chivalry! I thought it was dead in a ditch somewhere until he came around with that silly blue Toyota of his!" She rambled, waving a hand towards where his car would be. "He doesn't drive off until you're safely inside! I watch him watch you every time! He looks like a puppy in love, that boy."

I blanched and something in my gut twisted. Noah. Start-fights-to-protect-a-girls-honor-Noah. Drive-you-home-even-if-it's-miles-away-Noah. Noah.

Ms. Honnenberg took my hand in hers and met my eyes, a sincere motherly smile tugging at her lips.

"You hold onto that boy, Hanna. You hold onto him tight. Boys like that don't come around often."

My throat tightened. "Ms. Honnenberg?" I choked. I gripped my left arm where Noah's address was written. "Can-can you give me a ride, please?"

The destination or reason remained unspoken, but Ms. Honnenberg's smile softened with understanding.

"Let me get my keys."


Stumbling from Ms. Honnenberg's weird-smelling car felt like a dream. The entire drive just felt like I was drifting through smoke, unable to grasp any thought that slipped through my mind. I didn't allow myself to think. Thinking brought remembering, and remembering would bring a myriad of emotions and anxiety I couldn't let loose on poor Ms. Honnenberg.

I thanked her, and she just smiled at me before driving off.

There was a light on in the house, and I choked back a sob of relief.

I didn't remember knocking. I just remembered Noah's look of surprise when he saw me and the small, broken noise that slipped from my lips. I couldn't remember the trip inside, I couldn't recall how we got to his bedroom.

All I knew was the blanket he had wrapped tight around me, and the mug of cocoa in my hands. Anything else was just fog.

"Need anything else?" Noah asked quietly, leaning against his door frame as he watched me intently.

I shook my head, allowing my hair to curtain around my face. "Thank you, " I murmured, my voice low and monotoned.

"Hanna, " his low voice pulled me back slightly, and I blinked up at him. He frowned and took a step closer, glancing between my eyes like he was searching for something. "You're dissociating."

I blinked again. No emotion registered from his statement. I couldn't feel...anything.


"No, Hanna, " he shook his head and sighed, sitting on the edge of the bed and running a hand through his hair. "It's not just 'oh'. This isn't okay."

"What do you want me to do, then?" My voice couldn't rise above a murmur.

Noah swallowed thickly. He stared at me for a moment before scooting closer, crossing the space between us in seconds. Gently, he touched either side of my face and tilted it upward, gently running his thumbs along my cheekbones. I didn't realize he was wipin

ver this is and Jesus knows how long that's going to take."

My face heated to the point I was afraid Noah could feel it. He exhaled loudly and closed his eyes like he was reigning in his patience. "We're just talking, Addie, " he finally opened his eyes and glared. "Now get out of my room before I lock you in the bathroom."

Addie smirked and crossed her arms. "Bet."


Addie lifted an eyebrow and waited patiently. I gawked, glancing between Noah and Addie like a ball match.


Her glare dropped, and she blinked nervously.

"Two and a half..." His eyes narrowed into slits. "Addie..."

A flickered of hesitation darted across Addie's eyes.



I snorted in amusement as Noah cracked a grin.


I pursed my lips together to keep from giggling.

Noah rolled his eyes, then muttered something under his breath that sounded suspiciously like "Little brat."

I gently combed my fingers through Noah's hair, drawing his attention back to me. The little voice that had always wanted to touch his hair was squealing away in her rainbow-splattered corner. So freaking soft...

"Who was that?" I asked. He lowered himself to his elbows and leaned his head into my touch, his eyes fluttering. "Your cousin?"

He hummed in answer like he truly didn't give a damn about anything besides my hands at the moment.

"You wouldn't have actually locked her in the closet, right?" I asked, tilting my head to the side.

Noah's chest vibrated as he chuckled. "Nah. She always runs before three."

"But what if she didn't?"

Noah opened his eyes and smirked at me. "Probably put raisins in her cookies instead of chocolate chips."

I gasped in horror and stopped petting his hair. "You're evil!" I hissed.

Noah's grin stretched and he suddenly pressed a soft kiss to my cheek. His breath fanned my face and my grip on sanity slipped as I was momentarily pulled back under his intoxicating presence. "We should go, " he whispered against my skin. "Before she burns down my kitchen."

I swallowed thickly and gripped the back of his shirt tighter. "We probably should, " I muttered reluctantly.

Noah smiled and kissed my cheek again before rising from the bed and straightening his hair. It took another moment to gain the strength to sit up, and when I did, Noah barked with laughter. "Sorry, " he plastered a hand to his mouth when I glared. "your- your hair."

My eyes widened in horror as my hands flew to my hair. "Oh God, " I hissed. It was a rats nest. Matted and frizzy like I had been caught in a wind storm. I shot Noah a freezing glare and he scrambled from the room, laughing.

His laughter filled me like a balloon, and a beaming grin broke across my face. Flattening my hair frantically, I rose from the bed and followed him.

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