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   Chapter 16 Strawberry shower

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The soft lull of distant music gentle tugged at my subconscious. I groaned, pressing my face into the pillow as I grasped desperately for more sleep. My muscles ached like I had run a marathon. When I twisted my torso, my spine popped like firecrackers.

I groaned louder. The music finally pulled me awake just enough to trigger my synesthesia, and soft pinks and yellows wavered in my vision.

It was official. The universe was yanking back my bedcovers and telling me to wake up.

My eyelids fluttered open to see a pale grey ceiling above me. I frowned. For a moment - one gorgeous, untainted moment - I was oblivious.

Then the universe did a flying kick into my head and I sat up with a sharp gasp.

Leo. The mall. Being taken. The van - a motorcyclist!

My throat tightened. Slowly, I looked around me. The room was modest, blue walls and a grey ceiling with a closet and the bed - which I currently sat on, my legs tangled in the sheets.

I looked to my right at the small nightstand. On it was a bowl of strawberries and a folded index card. I leaned over, plucking up the card and flipping it open.

Morning sleeping beauty! Or night. Whenever you wake up.

My eyebrows jumped to my hairline. Who knew the Flame Riders were such dorks?

The message continued:

There's a towel and some clothes in the bathroom (the door beside the closet). When you're ready, call us using the walkie-talkie and someone will probably answer.

~ FR, xxx

Frowning, I set the note down and popped a strawberry in my mouth as I slipped from the bed. Across the bed was a small open closet, empty of almost anything besides a few sweatpants and a hoodie. I found the bathroom beside it, a small tiled room with just a shower-and-tub combo and toilet. Sure enough, a pair of sweatpants and a long-sleeved shirt were folded by the sink.

I hesitated, tugging at the hem of my shirt. The little voice in my head sneered that this was a terrible idea. I shook my head. They saved me - they wouldn't do anything to hurt me.

But I locked the door either way before pulling off my clothes and stepping into the shower.


I massaged my aching muscles, my face tilted up to the streaming hot water.

Leo's smirking face...My eyes snapped open with a gasp, half expecting to see him standing on the other side of the fogged glass. I shuddered and hugged myself. Swallowing, I turned back to the water and reached for the conditioner.

But I couldn't shake the look on his face as he let his act slip away. It was the glower of a predator excited for the chase. He wasn't just a mindless creep... the kidnapping had been planned. Those two thugs must work for him. But why? Why such an elaborate plan for me? I was nobody.

My chest tightened as panic caressed the back of my throat.

Hurridly turning off the water, I stepped from the shower and quickly dried off and tugged on the clothes.

I found a brush and ran it through my hair, walking back into the bedroom and looking for the walkie-talkie the note had spoken of.

I opened up the top drawer and sure enough, inside was a small, blue walkie-talkie.

Setting aside the brush, I picked up the device and hesitated.

I pushed the button.

"He-Hello?" I released the button.

"Morning." A voice came on a moment later shrouded in static. I stiffened. "Sleep well? Over."

My brow furrowed. I held down the button. "Fine...I guess." I sighed. "Can I ask who I'm speaking to?"

"Flippity. And please say 'over', when you're over. Over."

I scoffed. "Alright, Flippity. I have some questions."

There was a long, pointed silence. Sighing heavily, I pressed the bu

smooth granite counter.

"What do you have?" I called over my shoulder, swaying my way to a pantry and tapping a finger against the handle, glancing at Heat with a grin.

He leaned against the counter. "Cereal, maybe?"

I snickered. "Cereal maybe? You really are a house of teenage boys."

"Hey!" Heat laughed.

"Tell me you at least have milk?"

Heat hesitated before cursing under his breath. "Alright, how about something dry?" He opened the fridge and stuck his helmet inside, only to bang it against the frame.

I snorted. He emerged from the fridge rubbing the top of his helmet, clutching a yellow apple.


I held out a hand, and he tossed the apple across the kitchen. I traced the golden skin with the tips of my fingers, eyeing Heat closely. I knew he was a teenager like me. He seemed familiar with me, knowing my name despite never having a true conversation before. Of course, he could have heard it somewhere.

But he just seemed so...friendly with me.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a lean figure suddenly rush into the kitchen. I spun - and saw Issac standing there like a deer in headlights.

"You?" I yelped, pointing.

Issac blanched. "Oh god, Hanna-"

Heat rushed between us and grabbed Issac, but it was too late. I had seen him. I stood frozen, watching Heat try in vain to shove Issac from the kitchen. "Where is your helmet?" He hissed, shoving hard.

Issac was still trying to explain himself, blabbering and sputtering as I tried to catch another glimpse of him.

"-Sorry! Sorry Heat! I'm so-"

Heat slammed the door and Issac's whines ceased.

A heavy silence fell over the kitchen. Heat faced away from me, his gloved hands braced against the door as he panted.

I frowned, tossing the apple gently from hand to hand.

"So..." I clicked my tongue. "Who's your friend?" I leaned back against the counter, grinning as Heat slowly turned to look at me.

If a helmet could look sheepish, he did. Heat shifted his weight and cleared his throat. "I - I've never seen him before in my life."

"Right." I drawled.

"Must be a crazy homeless person or something..."

"Mhm..." I sauntered closer, grinning at how uncomfortable this was making him.

Heat scooted sideways, feeling along the wall like a trapped animal. "We have crazy fans break in sometimes, " he babbled. "Like freaking rodents. They come in through the windows-"


He froze.

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