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   Chapter 7 Seven What Tis a Kiss

My Motorcycle Guardian By Weirdo_writer Characters: 12709

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"Okay Hanna, repeat after me. When two lips touch, it's called a kiss."

"When two lips touch, it's called a kiss."

"And when someone kisses someone else's cheek, forehead, neck or other body part, it's still called a kiss."

I frowned. "But then what's the qualifications for a peck?"

"For Gods sake woman!" CJ wailed, falling backwards off his bean bag. "It's just an adverb! It means the same thing!"

I grinned, watching CJ whine up to the sky. We were in study hall, sitting in the back of the room on the bean bags Mrs Cothon provided. Unfortunately, Rachel didn't have study hall with us. Fortunately, she was back in school and as healthy as before, meaning she could save me from Noah's curious glances whenever I saw him in the hall.

Ever since he drove me home yesterday, he seemed to make it a point to glance at me whenever he saw the chance. When I caught him, he would simply grin and turn back around. Only to do it a few minutes later.

"Why're you talking about kissing?" Jay suddenly dropped down between us.

CJ and I scooted apart.

"Nothing, " I said, waving a hand. "Just a joke."

CJ shot me a look. "Hanna believes that the action of kissing falls under different names when it's in different places." He looked disgusted with me.

I grinned. "Well when Tony says 'I made out with Jessica', you know that Tony and Jessica are getting it on!" Jay blinked, eyeing me carefully. "But when Jessica says 'Ohemgee girls, I kissed Tony!'" I playfully squealed, batting my eyelashes and cupping my face. "You know she probably kissed him on the lips for under a minute or something."

"Wait, " Jay shook his head, frowning. "Who's Jessica and Tony?"

"No one!" CJ and I cried in sync.

"You of all people should know this, Jay." Quinn muttered, coming over and standing above us. He wore a pair of black skinny jeans and a dark blue school band hoodie that looked two sizes too big. He crossed his arms and the sleeves fell past his hands.

I exchanged a look with CJ, who raised a suggestive eyebrow.

Quinn was not in band. That hoodie was not Quinn's.

Jay pretended to be offended and placed a hand over his chest. "I have never-"

Quinn silenced him with a knowing look. "Kaddie told me to tell you that she wants a follow-up date, and Allison is currently hunting you down."

Jay paled. "Shit."

"Mhm." Quinn hummed, rolling his eyes. "You should start running, now."

Jay sprang to his feet and opened his mouth, but Quinn held out a hand. "Hold her off, tell her you're sick, I know." Quinn drawled.

Jay raced away, yelling over his shoulder. "You're an angel, Q!"

Mrs Cothon barked after him to come back, but quickly gave up and turned back to her computer with a tired sigh.

I glanced at CJ, my eyes wide. "What just happened?"

"I...I don't know." CJ admitted helplessly.

Quinn dropped down into Jay's abandoned bean bag and sighed. "Allison's this girl who doesn't understand the concept of 'one night stand'."

I frowned and opened my mouth but Quinn spoke over me in that soft, steady voice of his. "And yes, he warned her he doesn't do follow up dates." He lolled his head to the side and gave me a exasperated look. "So I'm the Watch Guy for when she comes looking."

I snorted and relaxed back into the beanbag. Reaching behind us, I pulled out my binder and flipped to our civics notes. "Allison Parker? Isn't she a junior?"


I raised an eyebrow. "Why don't you hang out with Juniors more? Whenever I see you, you're like, always around Noah, Jay and Jonas."

Quinn shrugged, tugging at his purple hair. "My class is boring, " he mumbled. "With Noah and Jay and Jonas...there's never a dull moment with them."

"Oh yeah, I know." I hummed, remembering the car ride home. Quinn caught my eye and we

told them a secret they wouldn't tell a soul?"

Jay wailed and hit the table with his head again. Noah roared louder and Jonas joined in a moment later. Even CJ, who still looked annoyed at Jonas, was grinning.

I looked back at Rachel to see her shifting in her seat. We locked eyes and she swallowed. "I have to use the bathroom." She blurted loudly, then jumped to her feet and fled the cafeteria. I leapt up after her and CJ shot me a wide-eyed look.

I grimaced. "Be right back." I muttered. Hurrying around the table, I squeezed CJ's shoulder as I passed. "Don't kill anyone." I hissed, then ran towards the cafeteria doors still swinging.


Rachel splashed water on her face again, gasping for air. I leaned against the wall and watched her with barely contained amusement.

"Was that flirting?" She hissed. "Was he flirting? Did that count as flirting?"

I lifted my shoulders in a shrug. "Looked pretty damn obvious to me."

"But I - he - why?"

"Because he likes you!" I sang, wiggling my eyebrows. Rachel groaned and flicked her wet hands in my direction. Water sprinkled my face and I laughed, grimacing.

Rachel shoved her face back under the faucet. "I don't understand!" She wailed. Or at least, that's what it sounded like through the gush of water.

"Listen Rach, " I sighed. "When a guy likes a girl, he becomes irrational and begins to act strange and hormonal. It's called flirting. And if the girl likes him back, then we move onto phase two-"

"Stop talking!" Rachel groaned.

I cackled and came to stand beside her. I turned off the water and she looked up at me. Water ran down her face and she blinked her eyes frantically, her lips in a perfect little pout.

I grinned. "Jonas would swoon at your face right now."

"Shut up!" Rachel turned back on the water and it sprayed me in the stomach. I yelped and jumped back. She laughed and blindly reached for the paper towels. While Rachel dried her face and I dried my tee-shirt, she continued to mutter to herself under her breath.

"You know, " I drawled. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say that cheesy pick up line actually worked on you."

Rachel held up her wet paper towel in warning. "It wasn't that, " she mumbled. "It just came out of nowhere. He was so nonchalant and - and..."

"Cute?" I offered. I ducked as the paper towel soared past my head and landed in the trashcan.

"Nice shot!" Came a new voice.

Rachel and I whirled around and our jaws hit the floor.

"Holy shiitake mushrooms." Rachel squeaked.

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