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   Chapter 5 Five It was maroon, you peasant

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"-and then she grounded me." I finished with a careless shrug.

CJ sat across from me, his jaw on his knees. We were in my room, my mother out for the afternoon. I hadn't been allowed to leave my room all weekend as my punishment for my little show on Friday. Luckily, CJ had come to my window just an hour ago asking where I had disappeared to, since she took my phone as well.

I did the only rational thing and sneaked him into my room through the balcony to catch him up on everything that had happened.

CJ shook himself. "Hanna, " he breathed. "You are..."

"An idiot?" I offered with a grin. "A rebellious teenager?"

The corner of his lips quirked and he shook his head. "I was going to say idol."

I snorted and launched a pillow at his head. "Shut up."

"No I'm serious! Rachel and I saw everything! Those guys absolutely love you!"

"No they don't, " I muttered, curling my knees up to my heated cheeks.

CJ snorted. "Hanna, they allowed you to hijack their video, and thanked you for it."

My cheeks burned red and I scowled. I had been replaying the events of Friday in my mind all weekend: the dance, the motorcycles, the way that one had watched me the entire time before taking my hand at the end of it. It had been, without a doubt, the best forced-date ever. And I wasn't thanking Adam for that.

"What are you going to do tomorrow?" CJ asked, suddenly more serious. "The kids at school are going to find out sometime. Your date is going to blab about it at his college, probably."

I swallowed and shook my head. "I'm trying not to think about it."

CJ snorted and turned on his phone. "Well, no matter what happens, you still looked smokin in that dress."

CJ yelped as I launched another pillow at his head.


"Psst, Cherry!"

I sighed and ignored Noah.


I twiddled with my pencil, watching with faux fascination as Linzy and Cole started to furiously make out three seats in front of me.


A paper ball hit the back of my head.

"What?" I hissed, spinning around and pinning Noah with an icy glare.

He smirked and leaned forward.


I snapped my pencil in half and turned back around so I wouldn't strangle him.


I spun back around and threw one half of my pencil at him.

He of course, dodged it.

When I had entered Miss Pave's class I had noticed three things. The first and most normal, Miss Pave wasn't here yet. The second being that Rachel was gone, and the third - which almost had me spinning on my heel and waltzing right back out the door - was Noah sitting behind my seat, having left his friends at the back of the room so he could bug me.

"You never told me you knew the Flame Riders."

Slowly, I turned to face him. I swallowed at the cocky smirk on his lips. "What-What are you talking about?"

"The video from Friday?" He jerked a thumb back at Jay, who wiggled his fingers in greeting. "We're fans. And imagine our surprise, " Noah leaned even closer and lowered his voice. I held my breath. "When we saw cute little Hanna prancing around the riders in a cute red dress."

It was maroon, you peasant. "I-I wasn't thinking straight, " I blurted.

Noah shrugged and crossed his arms behind his head. His biceps bulged out from the thin tee-shirt he wore. "Don't apologize. It was the most entertainment I've had in weeks."

My cheeks began to heat and I spun back around before he could tease me further.

"I'm sure it was entertaining for the Flame Riders as well."

I snapped my already broken pencil into fourths. Noah was saved from my hands around his throat by Miss Pave knocking at the window. He left to answer it and I dropped my forehead to my desk.

It could be worse, I told myself. It's just Noah. At least none of the popular people have found it yet.

I groaned and lifted my head a few inches off the desk before dropping it back down again with a thud.


'Wifu: I'm not coming to school today. I'm home sick.'

'But Noah is teasing me about the Flame Riders! :('


'I sorry. :( but Iz has the flu'

Me: :( :( Feel better.

"What's the verdic

rning video on and seeing Rachel's face grinning back at me.

"Hey, " I said, cupping my face. "How're you feeling?"

She sneezed and shot me a look. "Like death."

"You're beautiful either way, Rachie." CJ came on line a moment later, spitting the screen in thirds.

Rachel rolled her eyes. "Mhm. Sure."

"Enough flirting, " I groaned. "Tell me what you wanted to tell me before, CJ."

"Oh right!" His face vanished and a recording of his laptop screen took it's place. "So I was re watching the video and was scrolling through the comments when I saw...this." The video paused on a singular comment.

Rachel and I leaned closer to our screens. Frowning, I read it out loud. "Does anyone have any information about this girl? The video only says her first name and I'm interested in contacting her." I cocked an eyebrow. "That's...concerning?"

"That's what I thought! And it's weirder because it's an anonymous account!" CJ's face came back on the screen and we all frowned.

"Probably nothing, " Rachel blurted. "Or some pervert."

I drummed my fingers on the table, ignoring the twisting in my gut. "Did anyone respond to him?"

"Okay one, don't assume they're a man. And two, just people telling them to shove off and leave you alone." CJ shrugged. There came a shuffling off screen and a curly head of brown hair popped up in front of the camera.

"Hammy!" Savanna - CJ's little sister - squealed. "Ray-Ray!"

Rachel and I broke into grins. "Hi Savanna!" Rachel said, wiggling her fingers.

Savanna was shoved off to the side as her identical twin took her place. Samantha had a temporary blue butterfly tattoo on her cheek, the only clue we could get between the two. "Hello!" She waved frantically. "I lost another tooth! Wanna see?"

"Go play, Sammie, " CJ groaned, pushing his sisters off camera. The sounds of a fight began and CJ sighed heavily, shooting the camera a tired look.

Rachel and I laughed. "Go do your duties, CJ, " I said. "I'll catch Rachel up on the work she's missed."

"Aight. See you later." CJ signed off just after Rachel and I chorused our "bye!"s.

After CJ signed off, I started to talk to Rachel about the latest school news while composing an email of all her missed notes.

The sun slowly began to sink below the edge of the windows, casting the library into a dark purple light. I yawned, the light from my computer glowing harshly against my face.

"I'm exhausted, " I muttered, rubbing my eyes. I had managed to complete two essays and started on a civics study guide while Rachel caught up on the notes.

She chuckled tiredly and looked up - only to freeze. "Hanna?" She breathed. My chest tightened.

"Yeah?" I murmured back.

Rachel swallowed. "Calvin's behind you."

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