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   Chapter 3 Three Red as a Cherry

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"Miss Green? Green?" A gentle hand shook me. "Miss Green!"

I jolted awake, nearly whacking Mrs Kingstin, my Civics teacher, in the face. She jumped back just in time and I heard the class begin to giggle.

I blushed. "Sorry Mrs Kingstin, " I mumbled.

She just rolled her eyes and handed me a stack of papers. "These need to get to ISD. Tell them to finish them by the end of the day, if you don't mind?" She eyed me with a lip curl. "And perhaps you'll want to stay there as well."

I grimaced and shook my head. "No, Mrs Kingstin, I'll take them." I grabbed the papers and scurried to the door, avoiding everyone's eyes as I passed.

I had been on pins and needles all day, just waiting for someone to comment on the video. Not that I wanted them to find it. I had already gotten an earful from Rachel this morning, warning me about the dangers of doing something risky on the internet.

When I had asked her how what I did could be counted as "risky", she just started listing off all the names of the possible jobs I could one day get, where the owner was very traditional and would frown upon "teenage drama".

Touche, dear Rachel. Touche.

Approaching the ISD classroom, I started to prepare myself. In School Detention was usually reserved for the kids who caused so much trouble in class that the teachers forced them into this room so they couldn't hassle them anymore.

But when I reached for the door handle, I frowned. Why...why was music playing?

I turned the handle and gave it a nudge. The door swung open, and two kids sitting in the front glanced over. They looked bored, but apprehensive - like they were trying their hardest not to react to the noises coming from behind them. My brow furrowed farther and I took a step into the room - only to trip over the set of books strategically placed there.

Papers went flying and I hit the floor hard, grunting. Instantly, the music shut off and I heard the scrapping of desk chairs against the floor. "Sorry!" Came a voice. "That was intended for Mr Nelison." Neilson, the teacher who was supposed to be watching them.

I lifted my head, blowing my hair out of my eyes as I did so.

In the far back corner of the room lounged four boys, two who I knew, one who I didn't.

Jay gave me a crooked smile and I narrowed my eyes. His dirty blonde hair was tied back away from his face with a hair scrunchie - a girls scrunchie, I realized. I shot a quick glance at the girl sitting in the very front of the room, her caramel hair in loose strands around her face. She was pouting.

I narrowed my eyes and scrambled to my feet, picking up the scattered papers as I went. "Real mature, " I muttered under my breath. "Way to earn yourselves another day in here."

"What'd you say?" Called Jay.

I shook my head and straightened the stack of papers. "I've been sent to pass these out, I guess, " I said, holding up the papers. "Mrs. Kingstin wants them completed by the end of the day."

Jay snorted and turned back to Noah, who had been watching me in silence this entire time. The two of them sat on top of the desks, their feet in chairs and backpacks scattered at random. The third laid on the floor, slurping from a CapriSun.

"Tell her that if she wants it done, to tell us herself, " Jay muttered.

I rolled my eyes. No one would talk back to Mrs. Kingstin. Ever. Sighing loudly, I turned on my heel and acted like I was walking towards the door. "Alright then,

biting into his sandwich. "But they're going to get in so much trouble, won't they? I mean, Calvin's father is rich isn't he?"

I hesitated, tracing mindless shapes on the table. "Not if they were defending someone, I think, " I muttered softly.

Rachel and I exchanged looks again. We were both thinking the same thing, but we were too terrified to say it out loud. All the girls in Hellmington High knew Calvin was a perv. But Calvin's father was one of the prominent donators to our school's budget, so Calvin was practically untouchable. What if he had finally gone to far and Noah took things into his own hands?

My cheeks warmed and I aggressively munched on a potato chip. I hated how flustered that made me. I mean, it wasn't everyday you had a guy like Noah defending the girls of Hellmington High. Or any guy, actually.

CJ suddenly yelped and his hand jumped to the back of his head. "Something just hit me!"

I looked down and saw a rolled up piece of paper under his seat. Picking it up and smoothing it out, I turned even more red as my eyes moved over the neat, slanted handwriting.

Tell your friend to stop talking about us.


I glanced up and saw Noah watching us from his table. He was grinning, obviously amused. Jay sat beside him, chatting away with Jonas and another boy I didn't know.

"What's it say?" Rachel asked, leaning forward.

I showed them and they both flushed bright red. CJ began to sputter and I laughed, pulling out a pencil and a fresh sheet of paper.

He wasn't. He was talking about - I hesitated, searching for something else to say. It came to me like a brick hitting me in the face.

The Flame Riders. He's a fan.


"Why'd you put three Os?" CJ asked, tilting his head.

I pointed to Noah's note. "Cause he put three Xs?" I grimaced. "Yeah it's lame, I know." I quickly erased it and folded the note into a neat paper airplane. It was a clear line of shot to Noah's table - a blessing, since I suck at aiming - and I sent it sailing.

Noah unfolded the paper and his lips moved as he read it out loud to the table. A short moment passed before the entire table burst out into wild laughter. They laughed so hard that the tables surrounding them glanced over, concerned or annoyed.

I frowned. What had I written wrong?

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