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   Chapter 52 Mother

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Jasper tighten his grip around Nicole's waist nuzzling his face against her neck, inhaling her rich toxic scent. The smell of lavender dancing around in Champagne. Other guest danced around them, Nicole loved the feeling from her husband but a part of her felt bad for Charles he himself didn't know the mind tricks of elite's. He was coming back to reality she could feel it deep within her the moment he snapped back to himself he caught a glimpse of her with his own eyes he smiled with care falling deep into the unknown. Jasper  gave her a kiss on her lips smiling down upon his wife, Nicole smiled looking down slightly.

He cups her face lifting her face to make eye contact with him "your mood seems suddenly is it about Charles. I know you loved him very like I always tell you if you heart is the one for him than you can be with your true love." Jasper voice suddenly went down with sadness. Nicole could tell that the Jasper was sad just talking about her an Charles together, she shook her head at such non sense he waa her husband why feel sad for another man he who treated you like a puppet held by one string.

"Jasper your my husband I love you, Charles is now my past you are my future now my everything now I can with until I turn gray an old! You'll see -"

Jasper embraces her tightly " you  shall not disappear I'll do what ever it takes to keep you here with me forever my darling."

Nicole kissed his lips feeling his mouth curve upwards in a smile. The guest around them awe at there happiness for each other. Edward tapped the microphone  just go make sure it work before speaking into the microphone.

"I know everyone's been waiting for the cake. Groom and Bride you shall cut your cake first!"

Nicole grabbed Jasper's hand pulling him to the 10 ft cake covered in flowers made out of sugar. Nicole grabbed the sliced a small piece of cake putting it on a small plate, taking a tiny piece of cake putting it i

r really wants to see you. Supposedly I suppose we are already married, when I had my drug issue your father was always there though he is apart of this family it's best for you to see him. Jasper I pray you take care of my daughter real good, I can't make up for my mistakes but you can isn't that right Tadi?"

A man dress in the same pattern clothing as Nicole's mother took her hand seeing Jasper and Nicole together " I finally get to meet you my daughter I'm Sorry that I couldn't get you while you was younger but I made sure to visit you when I could. Until you met that Vampire that is now your husband it's good seeing you together again. I'm Tadi its nice to meet you Jasper."

"It's nice to meet you too Mr.Johnson, You guys can enjoy yourself in the ballroom if you like. We would really like it for you to celebrate with us bond my people."

Tadi shook his head"oh no  we are fine, the kingdom looks lovely I'm sure you both will do a fantastic job. Nicole I hope we can see each other again real soon. Till next time sweetie."

Tadi smiled at her than her mother walking away holding hands as they get smaller in the distance. Jasper rubbed her back as she cried running her make up with soft laughs and smiles embracing him into her arms. Miracles do come true don't they?

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