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Jasper slowly unzips Nicole's wedding dress as they both started to get ready for the after party. Nicole was curious about his power an how he managed to do such a difficult task of sending Charles & Percy both to hell? Why didn't she notice the ripped out pages from Lori's diary, to think she was really in love with Ottawa. She looked up at Jasper as he looked down in a weaken state pondering his answer looking deep into her thought's.

"What's wrong Jasper you seem sad? Are you thinking about something!"

Jasper takes her hands into his intertwining their hands to each other he smiled in reassurance of his answer. " I am perfectly fine baby. Your thoughts caught me off guard slightly, I know your a curious girl it's okay to be that way. You Wonder why I kept that secret about Lori an Ottawa they were so in love with each other. The day she was tortured by Caroline Ottawa took her away from the palace an into the woods for safety reasons but it didn't stop Charles looking for her. Once he found her it was heartbreaking to see someone taken by their lover it's like you an me he knew I loved you for the longest time yet he took you away from me but if you was happy him then I couldn't help but feel jealous we shared more of a connection then Charles ever did with you. It makes me anger but at the same time I realize I have a beautifulpainbrl right here to share my life with forever."

She smiled feeling his lips against her shoulder "we should get ready soon Jasper everyone is waiting for us. I can't wait to celebrate!"

Jasper kissed her cheek as he takes off his jacket handing Nicole a much comfortable dress to wear. She looked at the magnificent dress which had fur on the wrist an chest an her favorite color white that definitely matches theme of the Kingdom. Nicole couldn't believe that Jasper would do all such kind things that not even Charles could do. She puts the dress on looking at the mirror at her curvy chubby figure Jasper wrapped his arms around her waist from behind.

"Before we go out to the party I have a Question to ask you if you dont mind."

Jasper smiled at her "As away my love"

"Do I look bad in this dress? I think it's much more worthy of someone who is more slime, its kinda tight on me." he tightens his arms around her flinching at his sudden change of mood seeing her eyes darken.

"You are only worthy of wearing this dress I love your body, in sickness an in health. You are mine therefore I hope you never disappear on me stay by my side for eternity. If you don't like the dress I can find someone who can Make you a dress right here right now."

She closed her eyes with a smile " You don't have to worry my loving husband I am here to stay. Thank you for everything. I just wanted your opinion on the dress no need to change it. "

Jasper turns her around only to kiss her plumbed lips nearly biting it "You always say thank you ; your heart is to innocent for me I am truly a lucky

ot so much bring them back to their specific location. Nicole eyes wondered their room wondering where they went it happened so suddenly she knew he had magic but to disappear people out of the blue was extraordinary.

Jasper placed her on the bed touching her forehead "you have a slight fever it'll go away soon. I'm sorry for making you have such a terrible day first Charles than them. I wonder what will be next to be honest with you I'm tired of these people walking in our personal lives telling me I can't be with you love you treat you like you are dirt. To finally spend sometime with you my wife my beautiful flower, is something I wanted for quite some time."

She gave a warm smile at him as a sudden knock was heard on the door it opened finding Edward running his hands together. Most of not all of the guest had to resort going to the ball room because it was starting to get below outside temperature which can cause hypothermia for Humans.

"What's taking you guys so long we been waiting for at least a good hour. I know the King Mo an his daughter came to your room how did it go?"

Jasper looked down "Nothing in particular King Mo ranted about Nicole's heritage, he claims that she can kill us Vampires one day. I know deep down in her heart she could never hurt me nor any of us. She's to good for Edward. where's father I heard he didn't come to the party."

"He Killed himself right after the wedding he told me that he loved us and hoped that our life is long lived. I can understand why he did it to be alone with out your lover by your side it's very hard."

"I can understand his pain brother, Nicole are you ready to go."

She slowly sits up nodding as Jasper smiled kissing her cheeks. To finally be called Jasper's wife was more than a privilege it was a blessing, to know that Jasper waited so long for her it still doesn't feel real. Edward walks out the room letting Jasper lead her out as they make their way to the after party.

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