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   Chapter 50 Wedding Day

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Couple of weeks passed an Jasper an Nicole's was announced king and Queen of snow therefore their wedding would be set for the next day. Nicole knew that the wedding was here nervousness an excitement caught her attention as Ruby fixed her hair into a comfortable but stylish look.

"Are you excited Nicole! It's your wedding day! I never thought your kingdom would so cold. I see why they called it Snow" Ruby said in utter happiness for her dear friend.

"To be married at 17 wow just to think I was just a normal girl in high school last year. So much has changed Ruby I feel loved by Jasper we met when I was small children maybe around five or six he was like a brother to me ; it makes me thankful for every day." Nicole wanted to shed a tear not wanting to ruin makeup as Ruby rubbed her shoulders. Vicar walked in a nice tuxedo on Ruby's Nicole's flower.

"Wow you both look stunning, Jasper can't wait to see you Nicole he's really excited to get married to you. Seems like I have to start calling you Mrs.Wintered now or Lady Nicole, what do you prefer." Vicar couldn't help but contain his heart warming charm.

"That won't be necessary Vicar Nicole is just fine like you told me. Do you plan getting married to Ruby one day?"

Ruby gave a nervous look towards Vicar letting the corners of his lip go upward taking Ruby's hand placing it into his own. "Ruby is everything to me of course she will be my future wife no one can replace her not ever. I will surely keep her close to me. Yet I know its against the law to be together when Charles was a stable man he tried his best to get the law broken but it never worked.

Nicole couldn't but to tear up at his choice of words ringing in her heart, men like this are truly a keeper. A bridesmaid knocked on the door holding Nicole's banquet of flowers " Everyone waiting for you Nicole lady! Lord Jasper is waiting by the alter for you he can't wait to see you. I'm so happy for you Milady!"

Vicar walked out the room as King Philip stood by the doorway waiting for her ; Ruby handed her Nicoles flowees that was in the bridemaids hand as she walked out the room with a smile plastering her face though it wasn't Ruby's wedding she was happy for her best friend.

"Well Nicole shall we?" King Philip extended his hand to her, she hesitated grabbing his hand and walking out the room. Her heart started to beat rather quickly letting tears endlessly fall from her face trying her best not to ruin the make-up nor look like a mess at this fantasy wedding. Jasper worked so far for this wedding to come true she didn't want to ruin it for everyone. King Philip took out a handk

To see you again brighten my soul possibly make my heart beat it would only beat for you my darling wife. I shall cherish you forever. If anyone hurts you then I shall make the suffer if only you knew I would kill for you die for that is how much I love more than a Charles ever did ; he is the past we are the future. I love you Nicole Johnson."

Nicole bursted into tears tightly her hand against his own "I love you too Jasper! Thank you, Thank you for always being there for me no one as kind as you can replace your beautiful heart. You are gold sweetie riches of riches an to be so blessed to have a man like you in my life is amazing! Though I am young an I might not understand love that well but you make me feel wonderful an I shall always love you until end of time."

Jasper didn't really care for the pastor's word so he decided it was best to end things quickly due to the confrontation not to long ago. The Pastor bowed to his king an Queen as he spoke "I Now pronounce Nicole Wintered an Jasper Wintered as Husband an Wife you may now kiss the Bride."

He pulled up her veil, pulling her body close to him almost crushing her. Nicole felt his cold lips against hers, she felt butterflies in her stomach the excitement the thrill to be called Jasper's wife. Everything was almost or if not perfect besides the situation with Charles she was happy with the man she loved an he couldn't be happier.

Jasper picked Nicole up carrying her bridal style making his way down the alter with his Wife. Everyone clapper an some cried She kissed his cheeks feel so happy an so loved by her now Husband Jasper.

Nicole looked up at him with a huge smile causing him to grin "I love you Jasper"

His eyes soften at her "An I love you my darling wife"

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