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   Chapter 49 Warning

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Nicole an? Ruby glanced a look outside seeing snow that stick on the pavement an made its way though the town. Ruby could tell Nicole was miserable without Jasper here, he left her here all alone not once thinking about her feelings but his own.

From what Vicar told her about Melody is that her curse can drive anyone crazy even after its broken having the thought to murder and self suicide even killing those to whom they love most.

Nicole shed a tear thinking about Jasper dreamt of him in her sleep, Jasper was fighting his demons an she couldn't help but believe that he was safe somewhere out there. Staying in Cloud for long as she needed it might of been best to go to the Snow kingdom with Jasper whenever he was ready to therefore he is going to be King soon, maybe she is being a bit selfish thinking of having Jasper all to herself finally.

"Everything is going to be alright Nicole Jasper just needs to find himself again."

"I know but it's been over a month, he send me flowers everyday with the same message. I know ever since he drank the human blood it made him slightly go back to his old ways before I met him. I pray he's okay nothing more is his safety."

Edward placed his hand on her shoulder she couldn't help up look down not wanting to continue to look at the window. Nicole prayed that Jasper coupe back to her quickly, Edward could feel Jasper presence getting closer to the kingdom.

"Nicole why don't you come outside with me it's a emergency."

Silence filled the room she finally agreed to go outside with him just to get some fresh air to which she missed Ruby wanted to join as well to keep her company.

Once they head outside the castle doors Edward stop inches away from them. Nicole an Ruby have him a confused look as to why he stopped so suddenly only being outside for a couple of minutes must've made him froze still. He pointed his finger at them giving Nicole a slight smile she turned around seeing Jasper right in front of her nearly giving her a heart attack.

His appearance was back to his normal state but his hair grew to be short length stopping at his should

"It's about Melody you know King Mo's daughter. She was here not to long ago chocking the life out of me ; warning you both that if you guys ever have a child. Then they will send someone or something to kill you an newborn child. I'm warning you as your older brother I don't want you to go down the same path I did when I feel in love with a human."

"So you once loved a human how did she pass?"

Edward looked down trying to regain his posture as his lips quivers not wanting to think about the day that his beloved Dalla was killed by Melody out of hate an anger "Melody killed her when we found out she was carrying my child it was more so of warning to me that if I fell in love with a human again than I'm likely to die.

Jasper looked over the carriage seeing Nicole reading a book as she waited for them "I won't let her die, they'll have to kill me in the process if they dare lay a finger on her. I promise you Edward things will be different this system of rules placed on the Vampires need to be broken theirs only so much we can do as creatures but it's another for taking lives of those who want to be here in this world to live every moment of it. I won't let them take that from us."

Edward smiled at him "So stubborn but I wish you best of luck little brother. Nicole is waiting for us why don't we go"

Edward an Jasper made there way to carriage making there journey to Snow Kingdom.

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