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   Chapter 48 Departure

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Jasper woke up in hazed state slowly sitting up from his bed. Edward took a look back at Jasper with a smile.

"Good news Jasper the surgery was a success but your appearances changed during surgery, I didn't think her curse would really take an effect on you. Nicole might like your new appearance black hair bags under your eyes an those golden eyes yummy."

Jasper looked away in disgust, he thought he was strong enough to overcome the curse but it took a toll on him mentality an physically. The court was nothing more than Vampires killing their kind setting themselves higher than anything living on earth maybe god himself. Vicar walks in with three cups of blood the smell itself making Jasper eyes roll in the back of his head making him come back to his senses.

"I don't want any blood Vicar..."

"Drink it ; it's not that bad nothing but animal blood I know that's your was diet. Since you consumer human blood you'll start to desire it more than animal blood we can't have that so it's better for you to stay here a bit longer so I can manage you."

Edward nodded in agreement "I do agree with him Jasper your not fit to go back to Snow yet. Just relax an recover your trying to do to many things all at once, that's how Charles lost himself we don't want that happening to you so relax I'll take care of paper's and everything that needs to be taken care of just spend some time with your lady."

Jasper looked down "I'll try to...relax...anything to keep her happy. Oh by the way Vicar what did you find in my body"

"I really couldn't make out what it was but it was something I can tell you that, just be thankful that it's out of your body no harm should come to you now. You mat experience some pain or illusions better yet."

"Thank you Vicar hopefully Nicole doesn't know anything about this or what happened to me, I don't need her to worry."

"She's with Ruby right now having some tea an possibly girl talk for all I care. Your body is clean as day so rest up if you like your wound should heal pretty quickly."

Jasper takes a sip of the blood almost spitting it out, the taste was vile an rancid. Animal blood doesn't taste this bad as he remembered it to be. Edward an Vicar drinks the blood with ease it's probably human blood he thought to himself.

"We are Able to consume Hyman blood with no challenge you take small pints of it, in your drink it's nothing more than dead animal blood.

"I wish you warned me...the taste is horrid."

"Just drink it Jasper i

ung her way temperature.

"Nicole... Nicole can you hear me?"

Jasper panicked as he looked at the bite mark placed on her shoulder, he bite her... feeling of regret seeped into his mind. Jasper grabbed her body slowly going out the room walking to Vicars room, not trying to make to much sound he knocked on the door. Vicar opened it seeing him hold Nicole his arms remorse was plastered all over his face, Vicar grabbed her from him as he walked away.

"Vicar take care of her? for sometime I need to handle myself, I nearly almost killed her when we had sex. I didn't stop when she told me too I did it out of pleasure..."

"Well you'll get a start over so make it right, till next time "

Before Jasper was able to say anything his eyes widened as he looked at Nicole she smiled at him. Jasper looked away from her removing himself from her.

"Jasper what's wrong? Aren't you in the mood ?"

"Umm not anymore I need to drink something. If you excuse me love I need to go."

"Jasper don't leave-"

Nicole extended her hand to him but he slapped it away harshly.

"J-Jasper did I do something wrong to make you upset?"

Jasper was outside the door glancing at her with year his eyes? before leaving her alone in their bedroom. He doesn't want to hurt her or out her through the pain she been through before with Charles she didn't deserve him.

Thinking of the times he hurt her including Percy of which he raped. He needed to escape rebuild himself to the person he once was, Jasper could admit he was a cold blooded man. Melody's curse put a strain on him, his relationship, his current self. He left the Castle an wasn't seen for weeks on end.

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